We have done an extensive analysis of the Eficode ROOT Team Management (RTM) user interface and done a usability and visual overhaul. In general, you should expect a clearer and more intuitive experience as well as a renewed look and feel. We’ve also added some features, improved existing features and fixed quite a few bugs.

See the new Eficode ROOT Team Management:
Screenshot of new platform look


Screenshot from audit log


  • Added banner support for RTM
  • Added descriptions to API endpoints as well as adopted a new version of Swagger. As a result, the API description (/api/swagger-ui.html) should be much better
  • Added links to both external and local documentation to the upper right hand corner of the frame
  • Audit log has been revamped:
    • New look and better filtering (e.g. search by source ip address)
    • Removed paging in favor of “endless scrolling” mode to severely reduce load times
  • Rewrote the user search field - it should now be more responsive to input
  • Added get, find and create endpoints for external source directories


  • Left-hand side navigation has been reworked
  • User, Bot and Group details pages have been reworked
  • It is now possible to disable only invitation emails
  • Added new icons for all user types
  • The search functionality should now be more responsive to entering characters quickly
  • Improved the error message when trying to nest a group into a group it was already in
  • Added a more complete response to getGroupNamesByUserName and getGroupNames/uuid endpoints
  • Gave the admin bot role more permissions regarding updating a user’s details
  • Switching between the card and table view no longer resets the filter values
  • The UI now has a back button in the group/bot/user details view. This allows the user to go to the previous details view, while the cross button closes the dialog.
  • The userType LDAP attribute can now be used to distinguish between bots and actual users on destination systems
  • Modified several response codes from the API to be more in line with the actual result
  • Improved AD/LDAP group synchronization
  • Packaged the synchronizers as a part of the RTM release package
  • Added visibility filtering to the bots view
  • Improved synchronization logging
  • Added periodical audit log export & cleanup to prevent the audit log database tables from  growing too large
  • Made fix-group-name in synchronizers configurable
  • Adjusted configuration defaults to be more sensible


  • Fixed a problem with old access log entries potentially cluttering the database
  • System service for RTM should now be properly reloaded after an upgrade
  • Fixes implemented to Azure AD synchronization
  • Added robustness to Azure AD synchronizer, especially in the event of timeouts
  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances updating group members did not store the changes properly
  • RTM would sometimes send password expiration mails to disabled users. This no longer happens.
  • Regular internal users and default bots can now see their own private groups from getGroupNames endpoint as intended
  • Fixed a bug where synchronizing a group from LDAP would fail to create the group in RTM
  • It is no longer possible to create an external user that has its activity end-time before its activity start-time. Also added  a minimum activity period of 24 hours
  • Prevented external users from becoming a group or a bot admin
  • The audit log now properly displays user locked events
  • Fixed a bug that prevented external users from changing their password if they were logged into the system
  • The UI no longer bugs when adding a bot to group


Published: 30. November, 2020

Updated: 30. November, 2020

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