Eficode ROOT is continuously improving our user management solution RTM both by adding new features and improving the user experience.

In release 1.1, our focus was on adding compatibility with different user management solutions to make it easy and fast for customers with existing corporate systems to start using the ROOT platform and leverage RTM.


Root Team Management now has the capability to synchronize users, groups and group memberships from LDAP, the Active Directory and Azure AD. This means you can fetch either all or some specific users (e.g. all developers) from your corporate user management system and immediately start using the ROOT DevOps Platform, leveraging the team level permission management in RTM.

Single sign-on

RTM now supports integrating with SAML capable identity providers. This allows you to  authenticate against e.g. Azure AD, ADFS and Keycloak and use that same SSO session in the ROOT toolset.

You do not have to remember multiple usernames and passwords or login separately into each tool simply log in once to access the tools that you need.

Brute force attack prevention

RTM is now capable of detecting brute force attacks and effectively shutting them down by preventing the attacker from probing the system via repetitive authentication attempts.

User experience enhancements

The user and group card sizes have been adjusted to allow more user information to be visible at once. This applies both to the general user and group views as well as the specific group view, thereby reducing the need to scroll down the page to find what you are looking for.

We’ve also added paging functionality to support instances with a large amount of users. This should lower page loading times noticeably.

User filters have been adjusted in the users view and deactivated users are no longer shown by default they can however be displayed by changing the filter options at the top of the screen.

We recently conducted a user experience test and, as a result of that, will be finetuning the user interface to even greater heights. Watch this space!