Using the cloud will save you both time and money - but it can offer so much more, like different tools and services for increasing your business productivity.

Increasingly, everything is moving to cloud-based services. Companies are realizing there are no other options for modern, success-oriented organizations. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the most comprehensive cloud services platform, but to get the best out of it takes a team of dedicated professionals.

Using the cloud will save you both time and money – but it can also offer so much more. Big cloud providers such as AWS can supply hundreds of tools and services to improve your businesses productivity.

The key challenge is in how to understand and use these powerful new components and get the best productivity out of them. At the moment, companies have an immense need for this kind of professional service, and the demand for this expertise is rapidly growing as businesses increasingly demand the best practises in software development.

It’s clear that the better you understand the modern software development environment – with all its tools and services – the better products and services you can offer to your customers.


Automate everything – and put your focus on the product

When building digital products, it’s important to understand what tools are available and what kind of support a cloud provider could offer. This is especially so if your business works with new technologies.

Tridify is an intelligent, online collaboration, sales and marketing tool for the AEC industry. Their knowledge of 3D assets and virtual environments makes them one of the most interesting companies in the field. With Eficode’s help, their system now works completely on an AWS platform, which allows them to be on the frontline of emerging technologies.

“Our software takes existing 3D assets and smart objects and creates immersive and interactive virtual environments. We have a long history in the 3D field and we know that making 3D content is often slow, customized work that requires lots of different kinds of tools and parts to make it work perfectly. For us, AWS was clearly the best platform to meet our goals. With Eficode’s help, the transformation was painless and allowed us to focus on making Tridify even better,” comments Tridify CTO, Juhani Korpinen.

Tridify has started their journey from the AEC industry, but the demand for 3D content is rising fast across a range of business sectors. For them it was logical from the beginning, that the mobile device revolution, with fast progress in new technologies like VR and AR, would explode the need for 3D content.

“There is a huge boom going on with AR, VR and mixed realities, but we are just getting started. Because of rapidly growing processing power there will be new kinds of devices and tools for these technologies. It is quite clear that in our situation we need a great amount of support from our cloud platform in delivering on customer desires and expectations,” comments Korpinen.

Tridify already had a few AWS professionals in their team, but it was still more valuable for them to develop deeper knowledge about implementing AWS through Eficode. “If there is a thing that you can easily separate from your main functions and let someone trusted to take care of it, you should, because it puts your company’s focus on the right things and the environment will support that,” continues Korpinen.

So, while it’s clear that there are not so many options when planning your cloud environment, it’s also important to know how to use AWS in ways that can lead to fully benefiting from its range of ready-to-use services. This means using AWS in ways that ensure all the pieces will fit perfectly and will give you the most reliable results – and this means less work and greater effectiveness.


Eficode <3 AWS

Because of the rising demand for cloud services, there should be much more knowledge available in how to implement it properly. In response, Eficode has now gone through an extensive learning period with AWS in order to achieve Advanced Partner certification. But it’s more than just a certificate. What this means in practical terms is that Eficode’s customers will now have access to a more comprehensive portfolio of AWS competencies, which will enable them to use even more AWS features.

As proof of the high requirements of the certification process, there are only a few companies in Finland that have achieved the Advanced Partner level. “Not only have we invested lots of resources to get to this level, but we’ve genuinely benefited so much from the process – because it never goes to waste when our teams have the chance to develop more knowledge about the technologies our customers count on,” Korpinen tells. 

At Eficode, we are constantly committed to getting the most out of the tools that we use. The way we see it, if it’s clear that we are doing much of our work on AWS – then why not really invest in understanding the technology to ensure the best possible results for our customers on their continuing digitalization journey?


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Published: April 25, 2018

Updated: June 11, 2020