This is the time for everyone to think about using the power of AI in DevOps. Read more about the specific areas, where AI can be helpful in DevOps.

My name is Manvisha Kodali and I am working as a consultant at Eficode. I am currently, working in our customer project operating Devops. With keen interest on latest technologies, I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer in DEVOPS 2017 that was held on 27-28 April 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. There were several companies participated in this event. The conference room was filled with international tech enthusiasts and Devops experts. A very well organised event that had diverse speakers who delivered the current trend in Devops and for the future. 

In midst of Devops experts, it is definitely an eye-opener to know the impact, challenges of Devops and its adoption. Devops fulfills the full life-cycle of product development from collaborative cultural change, continuous delivery, automation and more. For the sake of speed-to-market, it is often challenging to consider all aspects like security, reliability, customer satisfaction and so on. Breaking through the silos, it is evident from the speeches that, Devops improved the quality, made a positive impact on cultural change, fast releases and satisfied customers. Also, shown how APIs, micro-services and KPIs proliferate by using Devops. Transforming to Devops, requires time, expertise and thus money. So, if you are planning to start Devops in your company or have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Today in market, there are various tools available for collaboration, building, testing, deployment and running the product. However, the tools selection is solely depends on cost and their requirements fulfilment, but they are very handy to pick up. Many people use different tools, but very few integrate them as one. Yes, here comes to automate as much as possible to combine the set of tools and thus fastens the entire process. It doesn’t matter whether it is requirements gathering, development, testing, continuous deployment, configurations or feedback. Try to automate everything and make the flow easy to trace from requirements till deployment.


Secrets using AI in Devops

AI is being proven its capabilities in different applications. This is the right time for everyone of us to think about using the power of AI in Devops. With using the Devops tool chain, there accelerates large volumes of data from different aspects of product development. By using this data, AI can be used to understand not only about business targets and customer satisfaction but also can improve stakeholder performance. Some of the areas, where AI can be helpful in Devops are:

  1. Predict requirements by understanding the customer behaviour
  2. Designing the product and work-flow generation
  3. Ability to add coding conventions and code review 
  4. Understanding log data and taking relevant action
  5. Predict the stakeholder potential
  6. Interpreting KPIs
  7. Test performance analysis
  8. Monitoring continuous delivery and so on.

Devops is great, isn't it?

Check out more related posts below and stay tuned for more information about DEVOPS 2018 which will be held in Helsinki, 15-16 of May 2018. 

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