In this blog, the team will walk you through the changes and introduce how they’ve enhanced the Eficode ROOT user experience as of May 2019.


What’s new in Artifactory?

Artifactory version will get a bump up from the current 6.8.6 to the brand new 6.9.1.

JFrog has been busy continuously improving on what (and we think we can all agree on this) is a pretty great product to begin with. New features and improvements for this release include:

Visit the Artifactory 6.9.x Release Notes at for more details.

What’s new in Helix TeamHub?

Helix TeamHub will receive and update the latest and greatest release to date version 2019.1.1.

Performance of Helix TeamHub LDAP server has been massively improved, and it can now support even larger deployments than before.Helix TeamHub can be used as a centralized user and group management tool for any application that supports standard LDAP set up. The newfound speed and scalability can now provide for an even wider adoption it is not limited to ROOT platform tools only: you can also set up your third party cloud services or company internal tools to use Helix TeamHub authentication!

Visit the Helix TeamHub Release Notes at for more details.

What’s new in SonarQube?

We are all eagerly waiting for SonarQube 7 to receive its LTS (Long Term Support) approval which we would expect to happen in the very near future.

In the meantime, SonarSource has brought us an update to the current LTS line in the form of SonarQube 6.7.7 LTS with a large number of fixes and improvements. You can view the full list of changes at

SonarQube plugins for C#, Java, Javascript, Python, and TypeScript will also receive updates to the latest versions available.

What’s new in Jira Ecosystem?

Tempo Timesheets

  • Log work is now called log time
  • User interface is more akin to the style of Jira 7.10+.
  • Issue lists now can have issues which don't (yet) have logged work
  • A number of bug fixes and small improvements

Read more about Tempo Timesheets 9.4 release at

Portfolio for Jira

  • Improved planning UI
  • Better views for scheduling and roadmapping issues
  • Classic Plans reach end-of-life. This feature will no longer be available after the update. For step-by-step instructions on migrating a classic plan to the improved interface, please see the migration guide at

More information about Portfolio for Jira 3.0 release can be found in


  • Performance improvements
  • Manual adjustments allow you to move dynamic content within a structure, regardless of Automation
  • Enhanced Jira Data Center compatibility
  • An option to group by Version Name across multiple projects

Find more information about Structure 5.x releases from Structure 5.0 release notes at and Structure 5.3 release notes at

What’s new with other Eficode ROOT tools?

- Jenkins LTS 2.164.2 with minor security, bug fixes to a number of plugins and Blue Ocean version bump to 1.15.1. Please contact your ROOT support for more detail on updates scheduled for your Jenkins deployment.

- JFrog Xray 2.8.0 implements support for additional server side security hardening along with fixes to bugs and issues discovered in the earlier releases.

Published: April 30, 2019

Updated: April 19, 2022

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