In this blog, we’ll walk you through the latest improvements to Eficode ROOT.

What’s new in the JFrog world?

Artifactory 6.13 improves usability

JFrog has some user interface performance improvements in store for the latest release of their Universal Repository Manager, Artifactory.

Artifactory 6.13 introduces server-side pagination, which allows faster loading of the data in the UI. This will improve the loading times and usability of Artifact Repository Browser, for which the tree browser will now load repositories and their content in paginated form from the server, as well as the Home Screen, which will load the list of repositories paginated.

There are also a number of other improvements shipped with this release

  • Replication performance and reliability improvements for repositories with a large number of artifacts.
  • New REST APIs for setting and getting group memberships of users.

For a detailed list of all changes, fixes and enhancements in the latest Artifactory, please refer to Artifactory 6.13 Release Notes in JFrog Wiki.

Xray 2.10 adds more supported technologies

The highlight of JFrog Xray version 2.10 is a welcome addition of two new supported technologies; Go and PHP.

Xray now supports indexing and scanning of Go Registries and PHP Packages, and can provide recursive analysis, component graph integration, and details metadata for them.

Head on over to Supported Technologies page in JFrog Wiki to see a full detailed list of technologies for which Xray can deliver analysis on vulnerabilities, license compliance, component versions and more.

See the Xray 2.10 Release Notes in JFrog Wiki for a full list of changes and enhancements in this release.


What’s new with Sonatype Nexus solutions?

Nexus Repository Manager 3.19 improves package support

Nexus Repository Manager now provides native support for CocoaPods and Conda proxy repositories.

Developers using Swift and Objective-C are now able to easily access pods and podspecs through Nexus Repository Manager, and those using Conda for package, dependency and environment management for their development can now set up proxy repositories in Nexus Repository Manager for Conda packages.

The latest release of Nexus Repository Manager also includes lots of other enhancements and improvements, such as improvements for Docker Windows images with the added support for Docker Foreign Layers.

Check out the Repository Manager 3 release notes at for a full change log for this release.

Smarter Nexus IQ 75

The updated version of Nexus IQ implements support for SAML-based Single Sign-On system, which effectively means nicer integration to the rest of your toolchain when coupled with SSO service provided by Eficode ROOT Team Management, for example.

The November release will also add Java 13 bytecode support for application and component evaluation, new anonymous vulnerability lookup function as well as some bug fixes and other improvements.

The full list of changes can be found in Nexus IQ Server release notes at

For a complete overview of all the languages and ecosystems currently supported by Sonatype Nexus product line, please see Language and Ecosystem Support for Nexus Solutions at


Other changes for November

  • Jenkins gets a bump to the latest LTS release 2.190.2 along with a number of bug fixes and usability improvements for Jenkins plugins. Please contact your ROOT Support for a full list of changes planned for your Jenkins instances.
  • SonarQube 7.9 LTS is kept up-to-date with fresh versions of analyzer plugins, such as SonarC#, SonarHTML and SonarPython.
  • Rancher gets a minor version bump from v2.2.8 to v2.2.9.