Whether you'd like to learn more about decentralised AI, or Kubernetes' flexibly scalable container cluster service, DEVOPS 2018's DevOps workshops have been designed for engineers who are hungry to learn.

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As the saying goes, “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”, and although workshops are by no means mandatory to attend at DEVOPS 2018, for engineers, technical workshops are an added bonus that would be a shame to miss. Technical workshops allow you to roll up your sleeves under the watchful eyes of an industry leader, together with technical specialists from around the world. 

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SingularityNET does not operate in Europe, and their workshop is a rare treat for European DEVOPS 2018 participants. They’re running a workshop on day 1 (13 December 2018) of DEVOPS 2018 on “Decentralized AI for developers”.

Other industry-leaders running workshops include Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft, XebiaLabs, Puppet, Redis Labs, Sonatype & SUSE.

Below you can find the full list of DEVOPS 2018 workshops (almost a dozen in total), available exclusively to conference attendees seeking to sharpen their DevOps and AI saws. See you there!

1) Decentralized AI for developers: ALL DAY workshop by SingularityNET

This workshop requires no expertise in blockchain or AI, but a basic familiarity with blockchain concepts assumed and a basic familiarity with machine learning concept are desirable.

2) Devops on Azure: 2-hours on 13th December by Microsoft

This session is targeted for members of DevOps teams, including both developers and operations roles.

We will go through the relevant features of Azure and discuss about best practices. You will have an opportunity to practice deployments in practice labs.

3) How modern software testing is critical to successful application development: 1 hour on 14th December by XebiaLabs

In this session from XebiaLabs we want to discover the different faces of testing in DevOps. We all know testing is an ever recurring theme, but to deliver our applications successfully, practices have to change and we have to broaden our scope. During this session we will focus on the different faces of testing. They occur at 3 different wavelengths.

The talk is based on real examples and also the pain to get there will be shared.

4) Eficodes case study of IOT in sauna: 30 min on 13th December by Eficode

Kalle Sirkesalo from Eficode will present how microservices and IoT are in constant use at Sauna and why Devops is the most important thing in this. While our Sauna is amazing we do realise that you might not see it as business benefit so Kalle will also take it up a notch by showing what this looks like in telecom enterprise world.

5) Scalable DevOps organization: 30 min on 14th December by Eficode

Eficode does hundreds of Devops projects per year, Kalle is one our leading experts and this year we intend to go through the ways we have seen big companies scaling Devops in good and bad ways and explain why certain models work and others don’t in general. Additionally we take a look at the ways you can easily empower teams and gain a foothold on scalable solutions.

6) Devops full-throttle with SUSE CAP on Alibaba Cloud: 1 hour on 14th December by Alibaba Cloud

In this technical workshop, we will be looking at how Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes (from SUSE and Alibaba) can accelerate and simplify your devops journey. We will discuss what is SUSE Cloud Foundry and why you should be seriously interested in it if you are looking into building cloud native applications.

7) Puppet Bolt – the easiest way to automate stuff: 1 hour on 13th December by Puppet

Do you just want to get work done, instead of wasting time setting up complicated automation platforms? Then attend this 1-hour workshop where you’ll learn how to quickly get results with Puppet Bolt: the free, open source task runner. Bolt allows you to quickly leverage any automation scripts you already have, professionalize them, extend them with pre-automated Puppet code and share work with your peers. It’s the perfect way of becoming a master in Puppet without ever installing Puppet.

8) Using kubernetes cluster to achieve blue green release: 2 hour by Alibaba Cloud

This experiment demonstrates the use of Alibaba Cloud container service Kubernetes, including operations such as cluster creation and service deployment and updates.

9) Kubernetes flexibly scalable container cluster service: 1 hour by Alibaba Cloud

This experiment will introduce the functions of Ali Cloud’s container service kubernetes’s manual and automatic scaling capability.

10) 1-hour session by Redis Labs

11) 1-hour session by Sonatype

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