Eficode’s application management team has taken over the support and further development of Otavamedia’s subscription interface and implemented Otavamedia’s online subscription pages. The API handles most of the subscription transactions in Otavamedia’s consumer business.

“Eficode has been a suitable partner for Otavamedia with regard to its size and agility. The cooperation between the teams has gone smoothly, which has made it possible to centralize a more extensive service package and the maintenance of a business critical environment and hand them over to Eficode,” says Jaana Nyström, the IT Manager of Otavamedia.

The challenge

Otavamedia was moving forward with major development projects. A business critical and architecturally challenging environment had to be taken over while there was a big ERP renewal project in progress in the background.

“Trust and raising difficult issues with the partner is crucial and business critical for ensuring that our services work as well as possible. With Eficode, we have been able to take our operations to the next level,” says Jaana Nyström.

The solution

In the spring of 2018, Eficode and Otavamedia started their first joint software project; new campaign pages were built for Otavamedia during the pilot.

Both parties felt that the cooperation was constructive, and after the implementation project, Eficode’s application management team have maintained the campaign pages and developed them further. Based on the good experiences from the campaign page maintenance service, Otavamedia decided to outsource the maintenance of the API layer to Eficode. Prior to the change of responsibilities, Eficode audited the system it would take over. As a result of the audit, a roadmap was created for Otavamedia based on improvement suggestions on its current status in order to facilitate future maintainability and further development. During and after the handover, Eficode has taken care of continuous quality assurance in utilizing test automation and DevOps practices, among other things, and extending them to cover the entire service package under its responsibility.

The result

Otavamedia’s subscription interface is now managed by Eficode’s application management team; this frees up the time of the customer’s own experts in situations such as coordinating problems between different partners. Quality assurance and the use of best DevOps practices in the maintenance and development will hopefully also help Otavamedia gain cost savings in the future. A broader area of responsibility provides Eficode with a better opportunity to see and understand the customer’s business logic and its dependencies.

Otavamedia decided to expand Eficode’s Application Management services, because the genuinely flexible resourcing, the sincere commitment and practicality of the service team, the transparent cost structure, and finally, the service processes and support levels (SLA) coordinated with the customer give Eficode a customer-oriented advantage over its competitors.

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What is Otavamedia?

Otavamedia Oy is a Finnish media company focused on providing content that interests and serves consumers in all its different forms. Otavamedia publishes 22 general interest magazines in Finland in addition to more than 15 online services. The most well-known multichannel brands include Anna, Kotiliesi, Tekniikan Maailma, Suomen Kuvalehti and Seura.

Otavamedia represents all of Otava’s online audiences: Together, the online services of Otavamedia and Otava Markkinapaikat reach more than 3.6 million Finns every month, while the magazines reach 1.6 million readers per month.

You can learn more about Otavamedia on Facebook @OtavamediaYrityksille, on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/otavamedia and on Twitter @Otavamedia.