Rolling out Jira across the organization—from 500 to 3500 users


Founded in 1963, ReAssure is a life and pensions company that specializes in buying and administering closed books of business from other companies.


The Challenge 


At ReAssure, only a small team in IT were using Jira - other departments within the company missed out on the benefits of Jira and faced resource and demand management issues.

When key stakeholders saw the benefits of the software they decided to make it a company-wide application.

The Solution


ReAssure sought the expertise of Clearvision (now part of Eficode) - the company that set up Jira for the IT team

Clearvision devised a plan to roll out Jira as a company-wide application and took the usage of Jira from 500 to 3500 users. They addressed challenges that users faced as they adapted to the software, as well as other challenges that arose. The implementation of Jira has allowed ReAssure to streamline processes and improve communication across departments.

With Clearvision's continued support, the company is well-positioned to address future challenges and make the most of Jira's capabilities.