Operating since 1993, SokoPro specializes in document management and is a trusted brand among large contractors and clients, providing a centralized document management service to support construction projects.

Challenge: A turnkey software solution that can be further developed

SokoPro needed someone to develop a new software solution for documenting construction projects. For a time, SokoPro had been working on a revamped 2.0 version of its popular service, which also involved creating a separate software package called SokoSite designed for worksites. SokoSite includes a site journal for daily documentation and weekly safety indicators.

“Due to our busy work schedule, we needed an external party to manage the software development process. We looked for a supplier that could lead the project and had both developers and an architect to design the full scope of the solution. We wanted a comprehensive turnkey solution. After a round of bids, we chose Eficode as our partner,” - Rasmus Vainio, Chief Operating Officer at SokoPro.

According to Vainio, the choice was made thanks to Eficode’s experience and strong understanding of SokoPro’s goals–which became apparent early in the bidding phase.

“Eficode has extensive expertise, a vast pool of proficient front-end and back-end developers and an architect, as well as project management. The other suppliers could not offer us a package that seemed as comprehensive and reliable.”

Solution: Leveraging a flexible team model to build software that is easy to develop further

SokoPro ordered an MVP (minimum viable product) from Eficode, created through a flexible team model. The first step of the project was defining and ticketing the MVP.

“Our objective was to have the first version of the SokoSite software meet all of the most important and necessary needs to enable our customers to deploy it immediately,”

Vainio says Eficode grasped SokoPro’s processes very well, with seamless communication and a brisk approach at the core of this cooperation.

“Whenever the developers faced obstacles, we discussed them and sought solutions. The operations were very agile. They understood how we work with developers and didn’t hesitate to contact us if needed.”

Eficode’s team of experts, available at a fixed price, also increases the predictability of a project’s cost structure.

Benefits: A professional approach across the board

While SokoPro and Eficode encountered challenges that led to deviations from the original schedule, their unity stood strong, with their approach remaining steadfast.

“The schedules tend to always stretch with development projects, which is why the ways in which the emerging challenges are handled and tackled professionally is very important. We mapped out the reasons for the delay together and held fruitful meetings with the project group and steering group.”

“The project took longer than planned, but it was still completed much faster than what we could have accomplished by ourselves.”

Vainio explains that SokoPro has continued developing SokoSite smoothly through its development team, with support from one of Eficode’s architects.  

“We are very pleased with the architect that we gained for this project, and we will continue to rely on the same architect for general development and design work. It is good to know that Eficode is capable of making an entire team available if we kick off a new project and need assistance. Now that we know Eficode’s roster, it is easier for us to decide on the team we need to proceed."

Special thanks to their contact

Vainio extends special thanks to the Eficode developer who was the contact between Eficode and SokoPro.

“The developer sat down with me and our project owner, discussed the needs, developed the tickets further and ensured that everyone always had the right kinds of tasks. This ensured that the work was smooth and organic. It was great to see how quickly the developer was able to interpret and understand our code and create tickets accordingly.”

SokoPro aimed to ensure the first version of SokoSite would be easy to develop further, and this goal was reached.

“The handover went perfectly. We gained a functional package that we could use immediately and that did not buckle under the heavy load. In terms of its functionalities, it was much more than a simple MVP. It was easy to get to grips with and nothing unexpected happened.”