The Eficode brand now has a theme song and a jingle that will unite the touchpoints where we meet our audience (such as our DevOps Sauna podcast, our videos, webinars and events we host)


Lauri (00:10):

Hello, and welcome to the DevOps Sauna podcast. I’m Lauri, and I am the Chief Marketing Officer at Eficode. You may just noticed that this episode opened with a different tune than before. In fact, we do have a new theme song. And we have a new “jingle”, it goes like this.

Lauri (00:33):

The short version of the story is this: Just like every company, also Eficode has a brand. The brand has a visual identity consists of a logo, colors, fonts and such. But there's also a thing called audiobrand that consists of different types of audible elements that represent the identity and value of the brand and distinguishes the company from others.

Lauri (00:59):

We realized that we needed a theme song and a jingle that unites our different touchpoints such as this podcast, our videos, our webinars, conferences, events, and smaller gatherings. So we ran a public competition to create an Audiobrand for us.

(theme song playing)

Lauri (01:15):

So, from here onwards, you are going to hear the jingle and the theme song more consistently as we talk to and with you in different ways.I am now going to play you our new theme song in its entirety. It will take about 4 minutes. And I will then have another small piece of news to you after that. Stay with me.

Lauri (05:45):

During the competition, we received 145 submissions from almost 50 audio professionals and professional amateurs. The rights of every submission that did not end up winning were given back to the original authors. But there were some works that we felt we just could not let go. One of them is the works by Sammy Abecassis, also known as Supersuit and rapper Ding Zheng, also known as sales Rapper.

Lauri (06:14):

Why? Just listen to this. You can find the lyrics in the show notes. Before I let your inner karaoke singer loose, I want to thank you again for sticking around with us. Take care of yourself, and remember that if there’s an elephant in your developmental process, bet that we’ll find where the elephant’s at.

(special prize song playing)