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    Johan Abildskov

    Johan Abildskov

    Johan has been a Continuous Delivery Consultant with Eficode Praqma since 2015. After achieving his BSc in Computing Science he spent his time teaching, coding, hacking and studying. He is an avid gamer and participates in tournaments whenever he has the time. He also plays the bass.

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    From Johan Abildskov

    Blog it out loud

    Blog: What is DevOps? by Johan Abildskov

    One way to explain DevOps is that it started from the notion that Development and Operations were in functional silos with conflicting goals. This leads to the so-called chronic conflict between Dev and Ops which leads to bad business outcomes due to handovers, excessive bureaucracy, and lack of autonomy. DevOps calls into question the entire traditional development processes.

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    Duration: 48 min

    Sauna Sessions

    Interview: 2019 State of DevOps with Johan Abildskov

    Get up to speed on the State of DevOps Report with Johan Abildskov, who also discusses covers cloud, change approval processes, security, and then some.

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    Duration: 38 min