"I think that there's room for any different kind of drive inside the company, but you need to have a drive, you need to want something for yourself", Sofus Albertsen, DevOps Consultant and Academy Headmaster located in Copenhagen. A short interview on what is it like to work at Eficode. What are the best bits of his job?

Lauri (00:01):

Hello and welcome to the DevOps Sauna podcast. My name is Lauri and I am the Chief Marketing Officer of Eficode.

Lauri (00:13):

The history of storytelling goes back thousands of years. Humans were made to tell stories. This is why we also tell stories about our gifted employees. Our Humans of Eficode series has gained immense popularity and people who join us often tell us that they were moved by the series.

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Every Humans of Eficode story is different. Indeed, we believe in being who we are. In the world that is diverse and complex, we can make our differences, our differentiators. By working together, we amplify our strengths. Tune in to our Humans of Eficode series now in podcast too. You will hear stories told by our employees and you will learn better who we are. So let's get started.

Sofus (01:01):

I need to be better at sometimes just saying c'est la vie, such is life. I can't fix it right now, so why bother? You can't always be optimal in the way that you work and the way that you do things, and there are things that are going wrong that is out of your hands.

Sofus (01:16):

Luckily, my family have like these two wooden houses out on the beach on Ærø, which is a small Danish island and there is no electricity, no water. And I'm there for two weeks every summer. Super quiet. It's just beach and water. Be present in the place that you are. It's really fantastic.

Sofus (01:38):

So I live here in Copenhagen. I'm born and raised in Copenhagen and I live here together with my girlfriend. I have been in Eficode for three years now. I am both a trainer and a consultant. I think I get the best of both worlds here, where I'm both out at real life experiences at the customer, but also doing a lot of training at their place.

Sofus (02:00):

In my spare time, I have a hobby project by importing Hungarian wines. When we get new wines in, we need to taste them. That's the hardest part of being a wine importer, actually being able to taste all your wines. There's a lot of wine involved. I also arrange parties and events. One of the ones that are the biggest is a burlesque party.

Sofus (02:23):

Having all this creativity and creativity around you also makes you do things that are not within the boundaries of what you normally think is possible, and I take that together with me in my job as well.

Sofus (02:34):

Teaching is a great passion. We made a course for high school students about digital formation and digital privacy. One of the students came up to me and said, "Thank you for this. It has really been a very valuable lecture," and I was almost crying because it really meant a lot that I could use two hours of my time explaining something. And then 50 people knew something that they didn't know before.

Sofus (03:03):

Being in this company requires of you that you are very self-sufficient and not getting super guidance by a manager or anything like that. So you need to make sure that you can take things and go with them yourself. I have a boss that is 100% confident that I do things that are good for the company, and that I think is the best thing that I can do right now.

Sofus (03:27):

I think that there's room for any different kind of drive inside the company, but you need to have a drive. You need to want something for yourself. All companies have some kind of tagline saying, we want to be the best of something. And for me, Eficode is the knowledge sharing company. It's the way that we are going to be the best, both as a team and as a company and as an individual is by sharing knowledge.

Lauri (03:55):

Check out our other Humans of Eficode episodes online. The link is in the show notes. We are also all the time on the lookout for new talent. So let us know what do you love to do, and let's together find you a new great job. For now, take care and keep zero day delivery.