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    DevOps Sauna

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    Sauna Sessions

    Interview: The seven deadly sins of cloud transformation with Andreas Söderberg, Riada - Now part of Eficode

    All services go to the cloud. But many things can go wrong on the way there, and not all of those are due to everyday circumstances. Together with Andreas Söderberg, Certified SAFe 4 Agilist and Atlassian Solution Architect, we review these factors in the context of Atlassian Cloud transformation.

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    Duration: 49 min

    Interview: The cloud for developers with Raman Sharma, DigitalOcean

    Developers have an immense power when they select their preferred cloud tools and platforms. Learn the most important things for developer-friendly cloud.

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    Duration: 51 min

    Blog it out loud

    Blog: Are You Ready For Jira Cloud Or Data Center? By Thomas Hargreaves

    Here are the most important things to consider, while figuring out the right option for your organization

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    Duration: 11 min

    DevOps 2020 talks

    Talk: Multi-cloud maturity by Jordi Mon, GitLab

    Sasha Rosenbaum, Product Manager at GitHub, discusses how integral open source is to every software application, how GitHub has become the world's largest developer community, and Microsoft's contributions to open source.

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    Duration: 17 min