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    DevOps Sauna

    Welcome to Eficode's podcast about all things DevOps


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    Sauna Sessions

    Interview: DevOps Pipelines with Tuomas Keränen, Eficode

    A discussion to lay the stepping stones for anyone who is evaluating their tools used to embrace DevOps in their organization

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    Duration: 28 min

    Sauna Sessions

    Interview: Remote-first DevOps with Brendan O'Leary, GitLab

    A chat about the connection between all-remote work and remote-first DevOps with Brendan O’Leary and Mervi Rauhala

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    Duration: 54 min

    Sauna Sessions

    Interview: Design Systems and DevOps with Marko Klemetti, Eficode

    A discussion about the connection between design systems and DevOps

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    Duration: 50 min

    DevOps 2020 talks

    Talk: MultiCloud Maturity by Jordi Mon, GitLab

    Sasha Rosenbaum, Product Manager at GitHub, discusses how integral open source is to every software application, how GitHub has become the world's largest developer community, and Microsoft's contributions to open source.

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    Duration: 17 min