DevOps Academy – Training the next generation of software developers at universities

Helsinki, Finland, July 27, 2022 - Eficode, the leading DevOps company in Europe, sees the rising demand for DevOps and Continuous Delivery skills in the job market and teaches over 200 students and recent graduates of Computer Science and related disciplines across the Nordics this year.

The software industry around Europe is going through many changes when converting to DevOps – a software methodology that takes the fruits of Agile further by creating a culture that allows developers and IT operations teams to work together in a harmonious way. In 2021, of GitLab’s educational survey of 460 student respondents, 40% answered that DevOps has become critical for workforce readiness and 45% viewed the ability to build a portfolio and record of contributions as a top benefit of using DevOps while studying.

Having helped companies for over a decade to build software more effectively, and having provided training services in DevOps tools and practices to a large number of teams of software professionals, Eficode sees how the demand for DevOps and Continuous Delivery skills is far outstripping what is available in the job market today while little focus is put on practice as opposed to theory in the majority of software study programs. The DevOps Academy uses hands-on training as a key element to picking up the necessary skills and preparing future DevOps professionals to quickly ramp up in DevOps teams as well as improve the mindset of the environments in which they will operate in. 

“When consultants engage with a project, it makes a tremendous difference to have someone on the client side who knows the basics of DevOps and Continuous Delivery. In these cases, the level of scalability and the chances of adopting DevOps in the company culture can be very high. Training the next generation of developers in the use of cutting edge tools will make these transitions and transformations far more effective for organizations in the future and facilitate better ways of working. “, says Sofus Albertsen, Team Lead and Trainer at Eficode.

The DevOps Academy is free of charge for students and recent graduates and normally lasts four days, whilst some universities have started approaching the training’s outline as part of the study curriculum, and grant ECTS points to students for the participation. The training kicks off with an introduction to the concept of DevOps and Continuous Delivery, and continues with intensive hands-on exercises in tools such as Git, Docker, and Kubernetes including workshops in testing and problem-solving.

In 2022, the DevOps Academy will be facilitated on:


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