Eficode hires duck as DevOps assessment consultant

Helsinki, Finland, April 1, 2022 - Eficode, a DevOps company that builds the future of software development, announces that it has hired a duck as its DevOps assessment specialist.

More and more businesses are putting software at the center of their differentiation. As companies want to know where they stand with their development practices, the need for DevOps assessment services has grown at an unprecedented rate. Universities delivering new qualified software engineers cannot meet this growing demand, and Eficode has started to train ducks to help its customers. This new practice is called “DuckOps”.

“DevOps is not someone you can hire or an off-the-shelf product you can buy. To realize DevOps’ full potential, you need to set the right conditions. Establish a culture of cooperation, and apply a combination of the right tools with the right approach.”, says Larry, the first duck employed as a DevOps assessment consultant at Eficode.

IT and software development is an ideal sector for training ducks for consultants. Many businesses have worked previously with management consultants, and thus are already familiar with knowledgeable looking individuals marching around, making quacking sounds and wearing a blue tie. Also, ducks’ bills are quite high, and if they don’t know something, they just wing it.

“We have been impressed by the cognitive abilities of poultry. Even before Larry started its first day, it troubleshooted YAML without pulling its feather out. It also successfully tempted a customer away from adopting a duplicated deployment model for Kubernetes - for some reason Larry prefers canary deployment. As the old saying goes, even a blind hen can sometimes find a kernel of Linux 5.16.14”, says Aleksi Simell, Senior DevOps consultant and the Chief Duck Officer of Eficode.

Larry’s first day at work is April 1st, 2022. You can learn more about Larry at eficode.com/duckops.


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Lauri Palokangas, Chief Marketing Officer, Eficode. lauri.palokangas@eficode.com, +358 50 486 4918

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Eficode is a European company that creates the future of software development. We drive the DevOps and Agile movement across eight countries with over 480 professionals and one hil-larry-ously pro-duck-tive duck.

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