Eficode ROOT continues growth as the preferred managed service for DevOps tools

Helsinki, Finland, March 29, 2022 - Eficode, a DevOps company that builds the future of software development, announces several new customers on Eficode ROOT, a managed service that integrates over 50 DevOps tools. Eficode ROOT is now used by over 100 customers with approximately 200,000 users worldwide.

A publicly listed telecommunications and cloud communications platform as a service (PaaS) company adopted Eficode ROOT to manage all of their Atlassian products for their corporate users and customers.

A publicly listed international industrial engineering company with tens of thousands of employees worldwide decided to consolidate and streamline software development tool selection with Eficode ROOT, alongside optimizing practices with help from Eficode’s professional services.

An international nanoelectronics research & development organization aligned their software development process between research teams and standardized their development tools using GitHub Enterprise on Azure and Azure DevOps to deliver a faster turnaround for over 3000 researchers.

A Swiss Technology and platform provider for infrastructure analytics adopted GitLab to offer software development tools using just one DevOps platform for all its software developers. They selected Eficode ROOT to address their data location, privacy, and security requirements.

A publicly listed Scandinavian full-service bank consolidated their entire DevOps toolchain from over five technology vendors to Eficode ROOT managed service for their 500 software developers.

“When software development teams have to maintain their own development tools, they have less time to spend on creating better products and paying back technical debt. Adopting a managed service for DevOps tools is a significant leap forward in productivity and focus on customer value - even for organizations already quite mature in their DevOps practices. Eficode ROOT is an effective way to always have the most suitable tools at hand, up to date and supported.”, says Ilari Nurmi, CEO of Eficode.

Eficode ROOT is a managed service that offers tools for designing, creating and delivering software. Customers can use their favorite tools from vendors such as Atlassian, GitLab, GitHub, HashiCorp, Jfrog and Sonatype. Integrating these tools creates a ‘software production line’. Identity and access management is enabled with Eficode ROOT Team Management. Individual tools are always up to date and supported by Eficode.