Eficode’s Pipeline game wins DASA Learning Solution Excellence Award

Helsinki, Finland, May 4, 2022 - Eficode won a DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) award with its online game. With the online Pipeline game, people can discuss issues specific to their organization’s way of creating software, identify bottlenecks, and develop concrete improvements. The game covers all activities - building, testing, and deploying - needed to transform a change made to software into bringing value to users.

“The pipeline dictates your ability to release software, and yet, it often is only a very few very technical people who know why the pipeline looks like it does. Gamifying the pipeline enables us to talk and collaborate on what capabilities we would like to have in the pipeline without going into deep technical details, thereby inviting the entire team to have discussions on what quality gates and release mechanisms they deem important. Our Pipeline game - either as a card game or online - is a great way to achieve it” says Sofus Albertsen, Team Lead and the project lead for the online Pipeline game, Eficode.

While anyone can play the Pipeline game for free, Eficode’s Continuous Delivery experts facilitate workshops using the online or card game for one or many teams. Playing the game with an experienced coach helps avoid costly misunderstandings in software development processes. It’s also a fun way to engage a small group to think through the potential issues and find the right solutions.

“We commend Eficode for conceptualizing and offering this innovative and engaging format of experiential learning for software teams. Eficode tends to make software development processes approachable for different business stakeholders by designing the learning solution around abstract pipeline steps. We congratulate the Eficode team for winning this award in a very competitive category”, says Sukhbir Jasuja, Chair at DASA.

The pipeline game was developed using a modern technology stack and released as open-source under the GPLv3 license. Anyone is free to play Eficode’s Pipeline game online or order Pipeline game playing cards for a nominal cost to play the game around one table.

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