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    On-demand webinar

    Solving problems with UX

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    We use digital services every day – most of our work, entertainment, and social aspects involve technology in some way.
     The key to great software is user experience (UX). To achieve great UX, user-centric design offers time-tested tools and practices to help you tailor your product to your users' needs. These methods and practices are also not just useful for designers, but developers, consultants, salespeople, and other professionals too.

    In this webinar, you'll learn:

    • What is user experience (UX)?
    • How do we ensure good UX in practice?
    • Why is UX important?
    • How UX can benefit developers, consultants, salespeople, and others outside the UX domain

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    thomas stenius photo

    Thomas Stenius

    UX specialist, Eficode

    User experience (UX) specialist at Eficode. Using a wide range of methods, I gather insight of your users to help you make products that people love using.