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    The path to productization

    • May 21
    • 1 PM (CET)
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    Many organizations that succeeded through an individual customer-centric and project-based approach often wonder when to productize their services. Should you productize or keep delivering projects? Productize fully or partially?

    In this webinar, we'll be answering this question and exploring how you can get started on your journey.

    Productization is difficult, and each product's journey is unique. It’s both an investment of time and money and requires an organization to change. Product-led organizations require a different culture, working practices, and a guiding product strategy that keeps everyone on the same path.

    What will you learn in our webinar?

    • The timing, customer needs, market, and competitive situations to start the productization journey.
    • How to transform your organization from project-oriented to product-oriented.
    • The core concepts and what differentiates a project, product, solution, and offering.
    • How to prioritize things in the productization path.
    • How productization will impact your organization, especially how you sell and bring value.

    By the end, your growth journey will eventually lead to the question: Do we leap from projects to products? The change is not instant, nor is it easy.

    Join our webinar to get started.



    May 2024

    1.00-2.00 PM CET




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    A photo of Arto Kiiskinen, Lead senior consultant at Eficode.

    Arto Kiiskinen

    Lead senior consultant, Eficode

    Arto is a Leading Product Owner Coach with 20 years of experience in leading R&D activities both in large and small organizations, in many different roles. He is now committed to training and coaching product owners to become better at their work. He is also CSPO, PSPO, PSM, and ISTQB certified.

    A photo of Dan Khurram, Product coach at Eficode.

    Dan Khurram

    Product coach, Eficode

    Dan believes every product can be great, it just needs to find the right market. Since landing in the software and product development world after years of customer and business facing roles, he’s developed a deep respect for the people who bravely turn ideas into impacts. Dan is a champion for connecting the creators directly with their audience, ensuring that every product is a true reflection of the people behind it and the problems it aims to solve. Agile, people-focused, and a believer in the power of experimentation led learning and doing.