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    DevOps trends 2024


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    Adapt for the future of AI-powered software development

    The landscape of software development is undergoing a transformative shift evidenced by the surge of Generative AI tools being introduced in 2023. Prepare your organization for the benefits and challenges that AI will be bringing to the table.

    As leading practitioners for more than 17 years, our team here at Eficode has seen trends come and go. Each year we present our views on the most important changes in software development. 

    In this DevOps eBook (pdf), we’ll be exploring four key trends for 2024 that will define the intersection of AI and DevOps, including a look at:

    1. GenAI and the need for DevOps as a safety net
    2. Tooling consolidation for moving to big platforms
    3. Compliance and security
    4. Platform engineering becoming more user-centric

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    If I were a CTO, I’d approach platform engineering like this

    Platform engineering has been echoing through tech corridors for some time, but how do you build a platform team and an IDP in reality? How do you measure success in platform engineering?

    Get tips and lessons learned from Dan Grøndahl Glavind, DevOps Consultant. Based on his experience with platform engineering, he addresses the goals, mindset, and challenges of a platform team, as well as how to ignite enthusiasm and get everyone on board in your organization. 

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    DevOps for executives

    A guide to understanding the big picture of DevOps

    DevOps is no longer a competitive advantage. Today, DevOps adoption is so widespread that it has become an industry standard. The question is no longer: why should my company prioritize a DevOps transformation? Instead, it is: will we survive if we don’t?

    Successful DevOps adoption eases the pressure off engineering departments and top management. Software projects reach the finishing line faster, simpler, and in the process every department benefits.

    Understanding the big picture of DevOps makes choosing solutions and planning a way forward for your company easier. This guide will give you the understanding of DevOps you need to scale it across your organization and improve business outcomes. 

    The guide is organized into three parts:

    • Cultural practices
    • Technical practices 
    • Leading successful DevOps transformations 

    Download the guide: DevOps for executives

    As DevOps adapts to GenAI challenges, organizations need robust strategies, including governance frameworks, security, compliance, and balancing control with creativity in software development.

    Marko Klemetti
    CTO of Eficode

    Plan your DevOps transformation
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    We're always open to talking about DevOps and transformation strategies