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    The Product Owner's startup guide

    The Product Owners startup guide - cover-1

    What you need to know to jump right into the Product Owner's shoes

    Whether you are starting out as a Product Owner, or are faced with some of the role's typical responsibilities, you have a lot of work to do.

    It is such a wide-ranging role that prioritization is crucial from the start. And in this guide we will walk you through the 10 crucial steps you need to take from the start, to set yourself up for immediate success. 

    Learn the most effective ways to lay a great foundation while managing aspects like:

    • Colleagues
    • Customers
    • The backlog
    • Technical debt

    Hit the ground running, prioritize right, and quickly build trust and great relationships with all stakeholders.

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    Debate: The purpose of the Minimum Viable Product

    Minimum Viable Product, or just MVP, is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development. Or is it?

    Listen to our opinions on the topic in the podcast: DevOps Sauna.

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    Check out the Product leadership training

    If your products don’t succeed, your organization has nothing. So having well-trained and skilled senior product leaders is crucial. 

    While their job titles vary, the heavy burden they carry does not. Like every organization you would be wise to invest in them to make sure they have what they need to succeed. 

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    Training themed illustration - Product leadership