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DevOps trends 2024 guide cover

agile, devops

DevOps trends 2024

Adapt for the future of AI-powered software development

Modern software engineering practices keep on evolving. Keep your competitive...

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Mastering the art of building and launching products

9 modern software development tips you should know to achieve success

Modern software development is about creating value sustainably by...

software-development, design-and-ux

Building winning customer experiences

How to make sure your product development creates a superior customer experience

Many organizations aim for superior customer experience...

The scrum masters startup guide - cover

software-development, agile

The Scrum Master's startup guide

What you need to know to get up and running as a Scrum Master

Are you starting out as a Scrum Master, or face some of the Scrum Master’s...

20 tips ITSM cover image with text


20 tips for a successful ITSM implementation

A guide for you who are working with ITSM

ITSM implementation is complex. So, we’ve detailed 20 tips to help you succeed with ITSM in your...

30-Minute Ninja Guide to Jira Basics Cover with text


30-minute Ninja Guide to Jira Basics

Jira, Atlassian’s workflow management application, empowers users with various functions like prioritizing, assigning, tracking, reporting,...

Git 101 COVER with text

ci-cd, devops

Git 101 - a useful guide

Master the basics of Git in under 15 minutes

Many development teams have enthusiastically embraced Git due to its numerous advantages. One...

GIT 201 Cover

ci-cd, devops

Git 201: Taking things to the next level

Advance your Git knowledge with this guide

In our previous Git 101 guide, we explored the basics of Git and provided a cheat sheet to help...

devops for execs guide cover


DevOps for executives

A guide to understanding the big picture of DevOps

Today, DevOps adoption is so widespread that it has become an industry standard. The...

Delivering continuous quality cover

agile, software-development

Delivering Continuous Quality

A guide to truly building quality into your software development

Learn how to deliver high-quality products faster by automating your...

20 European eCommerce sites report EN


20 European e-commerce sites

Learn about the state of accessibility practices in 2022

Our experts have carried out an accessibility assessment on 20 European online...

Estimate guide COVER

ci-cd, devops, eficode-root

How to estimate DevOps toolchain costs

A guide about DevOps platform

For cost-effective software development, it’s essential to be aware of the total costs. With the help of this...

Agile Ceremonies guide cover


Improving your Agile ceremonies

A guide on how to evaluate your Scrum or Kanban ceremony practices and start improving now. 

This guide shows you exactly how to run your...

Lean business case guide COVER


How to build a lean business case

Validate and pitch business potential in an agile manner

Innovation is the lifeblood of any company that wants to stay competitive. But...

DevOps and cloud guide cover

cloud, devops

Make the most of DevOps and cloud

How to combine DevOps and cloud to achieve speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness

Being successful in DevOps and cloud adoption results in...

The product owners startup guide - full Cover


The Product Owner's startup guide

What you need to know to jump right into the Product Owner's shoes

Learn the most effective ways to lay a great foundation while managing...

devops platforms guide cover

devops, eficode-root

Make the most of DevOps platforms

A guide to help you pick the right solution for your organization

There are countless details to think through when trying to make the...

embedded guide cover

software-development, devops

Developing embedded software with DevOps

Embedded software development will always pose big challenges due to the nature of production environments.

With DevOps you can accelerate...

Increase the effectiveness of your portfolios white paper cover


Increase the effectiveness of your portfolios

Portfolio management is often understood differently within different parts of the organization and maybe handled only superficially. When...

The most effective ways to create product user insight cover


The most effective ways to create product user insight

Learn the most effective methods for producing user insight and making that insight actionable.

Some methods are useful when you are...

Service Management explained - Guide cover

itsm, atlassian

Service management explained

A complete guide to the latest ITSM and ESM trends and their benefits for various departments, providing you with the knowledge to...

The Atlassian approach to ESM


The Atlassian approach to ESM

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) extends IT Service Management (ITSM) principles to various service teams within an organization....

Guide Cover What is IT Service Management


What is IT Service Management

This guide provides valuable insights on how IT teams effectively manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services. Learn about the core...

Eficode Better Portfolio Management cover image with text

product-management, agile

Better Portfolio Management decision making with Jira Align

A simple guide for those aiming to enhance portfolio management skills

Looking to improve your portfolio management? Find out how Jira...

Ninja Guide to Jira Service Management Cover

itsm, atlassian

Ninja Guide to Jira Service Management

Just starting with Jira Service Management (JSM) or need a refresher? This comprehensive guide has been curated for beginners like you.


Accessibility guide


Accessibility of digital services

Creating good accessibility demands recognizing and accommodating diverse and varying user needs at every stage of design, from procurement...


Atlassian Server EOL (End-Of-Life)

With the End-Of-Life for Server solutions approaching, Atlassian customers are encouraged to migrate their data/systems to the Atlassian...

Avoiding Big Bang guide cover


Avoiding the Big–Bang

Over the years, tools like Jira and Confluence from Atlassian have progressed considerably. Transferring data between these tools typically...

Ninja guide to Jira Work Management


Ninja Guide to Jira Work Management

Jira Work Management (JWM) makes it easy for your business teams to collaborate, align, and deliver work, all in one place. But for teams...

The way to business agility - white paper -cover


The way to business agility: The forces and counterforces

Looking to unpack the invisible forces that catalyze or impede the path toward business agility? In this guide, you’ll learn how to...