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    Agile and DevSecOps in defense and aerospace

    Transform the way you deliver software without compromising on security

    Defense Hero

    Increasing complexity within the defense and aerospace sector

    With projects running over budget and behind schedules, misalignment of objectives, legacy systems, and the highest security requirements, the defense industry needs innovative and customized solutions. Change is not easy, but with an increasing reliance on new technology and innovation driving more complex projects, change is vital.

    Innovative solutions for the unique demands of the industry

    Agile and DevSecOps practices have helped organizations manage changing requirements, improve collaboration and visibility, and integrate security from the outset. Secure cloud environments enable scalability and cost-efficiency, and we go beyond traditional consulting by embedding ourselves within these organizations–giving us an intimate understanding of their culture, workflows, and specific operational intricacies. This enables us to become a trusted extension of their teams, facilitating a smooth and efficient implementation of transformative changes.


    Aki Roivanen

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    Why defense and aerospace organizations choose Eficode


    Agile and DevSecOps guidance

    Benefit from our 15+ years of experience in leveraging Agile culture and DevSecOps practices for success.

    ISO Cyber Joscar-1

    Security by design

    In addition to having ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials and JOSCAR certifications, we also have years of experience working within insulated environments and regulated industries.


    Specialists in embedded systems

    Accelerate and streamline your software delivery pipeline without compromising on safety. We’ll show you how.


    Honest tooling advice

    As experts in modern tools like Atlassian, GitLab, GitHub, AWS, Azure, or Kubernetes, we help you find the right toolset for your organization.

    Achieve your efficiency and security objectives

    Build a strategy for success

    Aligning goals, requirements, and capabilities is paramount in the defense and aerospace industry. Through a comprehensive assessment, we evaluate your processes, technology setup, and teamwork potential. 

    Where do your current capabilities stand, and how can they be optimized? We identify the paths to success and provide you with the roadmap to get there.

    Get a  review of your software supply chain security in a DevSecOps assessment.

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    Transform your organization step by step

    Transforming your organization requires the right ways of working, the right tools, and the right skillset. We have guided numerous highly regulated organizations leveraging modern software tools and practices to build security and quality into the delivery pipeline.

    From Agile practices to test automation and cloud infrastructure, our consultants and coaches guide you through every step, making sure your organization thrives in today's challenging environment.

    See DevOps Transformation

    Arm your teams with confidence and more software know-how

    In a hardware-focused and security-driven organization,  it is essential to develop the right competencies and adopt modern technologies and practices across your organization. Empower your teams with Agile and DevSecOps skills.

    At Eficode, we offer a wide portfolio of training courses on practices and tools (Agile, Git, testing) for beginners and advanced users.

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    The next level: GitOps and edge cloud

    Enable cloud-like remote delivery, deployment, and operations capability anywhere with edge cloud and GitOps - even if the network connection is not available all the time.

    By incorporating edge cloud and GitOps, you can finally move to automated and autonomous DevSecOps operational teams, even if your on-prem products are on land, sea, air, or space - anywhere in the world.


    Let’s find out how your organization can make the most of DevSecOps and Agile

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    In this era of technological warfare, software defines the efficiency, adaptability, and security of military operations. Software is pivotal to mission-critical systems and cybersecurity efforts—facilitating data analysis in intelligence gathering and threat assessment. Moreover, it underpins communication systems, maintains logistics and supply chains, and powers unmanned systems, revolutionizing reconnaissance and surveillance. 

    Embedded software refers to computer programs or code that are specifically designed and written to perform dedicated functions within a larger electronic system or device. In the aerospace and defense sector, examples of embedded software are flight control systems, navigation software, and avionics in aircraft and spacecraft.

    DevSecOps aims to create a culture of shared responsibility for security, where everyone involved in the software development process understands and actively contributes to security practices. By integrating security into DevOps workflows, organizations can deliver software faster while minimizing security risks and vulnerabilities.

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    Agile is a modern methodology that fosters adaptability, collaboration, and customer-centricity. It promotes flexibility and continuous improvement, allowing organizations to deliver solutions quickly, reduce risks, and innovate in the face of evolving challenges. 

    Embracing Agile principles can be the key to staying responsive, efficient, and mission-focused in a fast-changing defense environment.