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New generation of software development is here!

Our DevOps guide

Better software development means better business. Software development is becoming more and more virtualized and automated. Devops answers the challenges of its predecessors.

Devops binds together the software production chain from a customer need to a delivered product or service. Devops is a combination of tools and a development culture shared by an organization. Automation is the core of devops. It facilitates product development that flows as a constant stream through the entire organization. The need expressed by the customer is automatically transferred from one work stage to the next all the way to the release and maintenance of a completed feature.

Download our Devops guide and get yourself started on how to:

  • End boring, repetitive work and leave it for robots while people get to focus on the best part of software production: creative and customeroriented development work.
  • Test and release new features as they are completed.
  • Increase the transparency and predictability of the development work.
  • Divide development into independent yet compatible parts.
  • Bring together all the parties involved with the development process: the customer, developers, software suppliers and quality assurance and service maintenance teams.

Fill out your information and download the guide in PDF. Thank you!