Eficode reinforces its position as the preferred Atlassian and DevOps partner in German-speaking markets

Helsinki, Finland, May 18, 2021 -- Eficode, Europe's leading DevOps company, announces the acquisition of Beecom AG, a market leader in Atlassian software and Atlassian consulting in Switzerland.

The German-speaking market is adopting software as a key competitive advantage in all industries. This has fuelled the need for both Atlassian software and related professional services. With the acquisition of Beecom AG, Eficode reinforces its ability to serve growing demand of Atlassian software, cloud migrations, and the adoption of agile and DevOps practices and tools.

"Eficode sees Beecom as the strong player in the Atlassian community in Switzerland. Beecom has established strong relationships with a number of Swiss customers including major players from the finance, insurance and public sectors, and has become the leading expert on Atlassian consulting for the entire German-speaking market. By acquiring Beecom, we can confidently serve its customers with an even broader set of services.", says Ilari Nurmi, CEO of Eficode.

After the acquisition of Beecom, German-speaking markets represent approximately one fifth of Eficode's business. Eficode continues to expand market share inside the Atlassian partner community, and further accelerates Atlassian sales and transition to the cloud. This acquisition offers the possibility to satisfy ever-broadening customer needs, including DevOps consulting, software design and development, and application management. It also enables accelerated growth of Eficode ROOT DevOps platform, a managed service for DevOps tools from over 40 technology providers. In addition to becoming the leading DevOps company in Europe, Eficode also expands its Atlassian solution offerings  into areas like enterprise agile planning tools with Jira AlignIT service management (ITSM), and agile processes for wider user groups including marketing, human resources, and legal. 

"We are delighted to join Eficode. Beecom has strong relationships in Switzerland, and we are focused on serving them on a long term basis. This opportunity helps our customers with a broader set of skills and products to solve their broader challenges in becoming better software development teams. The power of strong DevOps, ITSM, agile methods, and Atlassian competence gives us an excellent foundation for the future together with Eficode", says Michele Warmbrodt, CEO at Beecom.

Beecom has over 200 customers in Switzerland from industries such as banking, automotive, business services and security. Beecom's revenue was 11 million CHF (10 million euros) in the last financial year.

Media contacts

Ilari Nurmi, Chief Executive Officer at Eficode, ilari.nurmi@eficode.com, +358 40 577 5084 

Lauri Palokangas, Chief Marketing Officer at Eficode, lauri.palokangas@eficode.com, +358 50 486 4918

About Eficode

Eficode is the leading DevOps company in Europe, driving the DevOps and Agile movement and building the future of software development across eight countries with over 400 professionals.

Eficode is an Atlassian Platinum partner in 6 countries. It provides all the Atlassian and Agile services you need — from expert consulting, cloud transformation and Eficode ROOT managed services, to training and license sales. Eficode’s experts have been certified widely in Atlassian solutions like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo. With Jira Align you gain real-time visibility on team activities, alignment across your enterprise, and flexible support for Agile frameworks like Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

About Beecom

Beecom AG has been offering collaboration solutions based on Atlassian products for over 16 years and is one of the leading Atlassian partners in Switzerland. As a Platinum Solution Partner, it supports its customers in all questions, challenges and projects related to Atlassian: from the purchase of licences, through conception, implementation and training, to hosting, maintenance and operation of applications. A team of experts with official Atlassian accreditation has broad expertise and cross-industry experience from over 700 successfully implemented Atlassian projects. Through an interdisciplinary composition of members with technical and those with business know-how, beecom achieves the best possible solutions tailored to customer needs, whereby usability and sustainability are always core components.