The acquisition further expands strategic advice available for software organizations

Helsinki, Finland, June 2nd, 2021 -- Eficode, Europe's leading DevOps company, has today announced the acquisition of Contribyte, a leading provider of Agile and product development coaching and training.

Software development organizations adopt DevOps and Agile practices to create a competitive advantage from software. The rapid expansion of software in all industries has fuelled the need for coaching and training around tools, processes, and culture. With the acquisition of Contribyte, Eficode reinforces its ability to help organizations transform to Agile and DevOps practices and implement effective software development tools.

"Eficode sees Contribyte as the leading coach for ambitious software organizations in Agile transformation. We will offer Contribyte's deep expertise to our customers all over Europe to build winning product and software organizations.", says Ilari Nurmi, CEO of Eficode.

By acquiring Contribyte, Eficode further expands customer relationships at a strategic level, accelerating Agile and DevOps practices and the adoption of cloud computing. The acquisition enables accelerated growth of consulting and coaching around DevOps and Sustainable Software Development. It also accelerates the adoption of the Eficode ROOT DevOps platform: a managed service in the cloud that spans the entire software development lifecycle, from requirements management to Continuous Delivery and analytics.

"We are delighted to join Eficode. Contribyte has deep expertise in helping organizations become more agile. We advise and coach our customers through strategic changes, to gain a competitive advantage from software. Our customers have requested services from us that are at Eficode's core. Joining Eficode enables us to offer them a broader set of skills and services, and solve their broader challenges.", says Henri Hämäläinen, CEO of Contribyte.

Contribyte has over 300 customers in and outside Europe, from banking, industrial manufacturing, and business services.These include ABB, Vaisala, Nokia, CRF - now Signant health, Helvar, and DNA. Contribyte's revenue was 3,8 million euros in the last financial year.

Media contacts

Ilari Nurmi, Chief Executive Officer at Eficode,, +358 40 577 5084 

Lauri Palokangas, Chief Marketing Officer at Eficode,, +358 50 486 4918

About Eficode

Eficode is the leading DevOps company in Europe, driving the DevOps and Agile movement and building the future of software development across seven countries, with over 400 professionals.

Eficode guides customers with DevOps and Agile skills and practices, and enables them to focus on their growth and customers with Eficode ROOT DevOps platform: a managed service with over 40 preferred tools including Atlassian, Jenkins and Kubernetes, along with their Application Management and Atlassian services. 

About Contribyte

Contribyte is the coach of winning product organizations and teams of the future. They help organizations become better in product development.

Contribyte trains key product people, designs winning organizations, and helps these get more value out of the tools. Contribyte’s coaches have years of experience in improving product development practices and product creation processes.