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Monitoring web service’s accessibility evolved into a cloud service


Helsinki, January 17, 2024 - Eficode has launched a new software as a service, Eficode Accessibility Keeper, designed for monitoring accessibility. The service automatically monitors the accessibility of web services, providing detailed and understandable information about the service's status and potential correction needs.

Ensuring web service accessibility compliance with legal requirements

Eficode developed the accessibility monitoring solution in response to directives and legislative requirements governing the provision of digital services. These regulations already, or soon will, require a number of public and private sector entities to offer accessible web services and mobile applications.

Enhancing accessibility efforts with the monitoring software

The software enhances accessibility efforts by:

  • Providing developers support in detecting issues at a coding level.
  • Enabling tracking of accessibility status and development direction, prioritizing correction needs.
  • Reducing the need for manual work by automating quality checks.
  • Ensuring the accessibility of published content.

Developed in Finland, the monitoring solution offers clear, comprehensive information in Finnish and English for various user groups. The service prioritizes usability, offering a user-friendly and clear interface, and communicates observations and potential improvement needs in an understandable manner. Accessibility terminology within the solution is designed to be easily understood and approachable.

Comprehensive consideration of accessibility

While comprehensive consideration and fulfillment of accessibility requirements always involve expert work, the automated monitoring software significantly streamlines the process by providing a machine-generated, up-to-date, extensive overview of a service's accessibility.

"Accessibility Keeper is a milestone in accessibility management. The software provides significant benefits for continuous monitoring and maintenance of service accessibility. Its user-friendly interface makes the process of considering accessibility a pleasant experience. Eficode is committed to genuinely supporting its customers in offering truly accessible services, and Eficode Accessibility Keeper is a step towards digital inclusivity," says Jussi Rämänen, Team Lead, UX Research & Accessibility, Eficode.

Service deployment in progress

Accessibility Keeper’s deployment has already begun, and interested parties can explore the features and benefits of the service on Eficode's website.

Media contacts

Lauri Palokangas, Chief Marketing Officer, Eficode., +358 50 486 4918 

About Eficode 

Eficode is the leading provider of DevOps solutions in Europe that drive real impact. With 600 employees in 10 different countries, Eficode empowers organizations to create a software development culture that unlocks their potential with the right ways of working, the right tools, and the right skillset.

Eficode has a strong team specializing in accessibility and usability, including IAAP and UXQB-certified accessibility and user experience experts. Eficode designs and builds accessible digital services and audits hundreds of digital services annually.