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Tasktop and Eficode partner to help customers face their software delivery challenges

Tasktop press release

Tasktop and Eficode partner to help customers face their software delivery challenges

Helsinki, March 16, 2021 - Eficode, Europe’s leading DevOps company, and Tasktop, the company creating the universal standard for value stream management, today announced a partnership to help customers improve business outcomes through better software delivery.
By joining Tasktop’s Flow Partner Program, Eficode boosts its DevOps transformation services with Tasktop’s Value Stream Management solutions, which help companies find bottlenecks in their software delivery and ensure success using metrics that are mapped to business objectives. With Tasktop Hub and Tasktop Viz, businesses gain visibility into their software product value streams, track data tied to company goals, and go to market faster.  

The program helps partners leverage the Flow Framework, which addresses the gap between software teams and business leaders in the wake of digital transformation. The framework uses Tasktop Flow Metrics to provide insight into how value flows through a product's value stream, in a common language that translates from IT to the business C-Suite. 

“Customers rely on Eficode as a trusted advisor for implementing best practices in software development, and we, at Tasktop, share their goal to help customers grow using the best tools for improving software delivery,” said Timothy Beditz, Tasktop’s VP of Global Services Partners. “Together with Tasktop, Eficode can help customers visualize how value flows across their software delivery process and improve success in digital transformation.”

"At Eficode focus on transforming our customers and helping them scale their business by employing DevOps culture, tools and practices. As Tasktop is creating the industry standard for measuring and improving the flow of business value through the software delivery process, their products complement our services perfectly. Customers can focus on their growth with a managed Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform service" said Marko Klemetti, CTO at Eficode.

Eficode is hosting The DEVOPS Conference, March 23-24, 2021

Mik Kersten, CEO at Tasktop, will deliver a keynote at Eficode’s The DEVOPS Conference, online on March 23, 2021 at 9:10am CET. His talk, “Project To Product: Measuring Digital Transformation With The Flow Framework®” will discuss the disconnects between business and IT, and what’s causing large-scale transformations to fall off the rails. He will summarize his best-selling book "Project to Product" by presenting the historical context of the technological revolutions, providing advice to business and IT leaders to help organizations thrive beyond the turning point by using Flow Metrics to drive business results. Sign up for free.