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    Eficode ROOT Insights

    See into your software assembly line

    Two persons working on a huge Eficode Root Insights dashboard

    Visibility and automated analytics 

    Eficode ROOT Insights and its dashboards provide end-to-end visibility of your software assembly line. Transparency from requirements management to development and testing will help you make educated decisions.

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    Eficode ROOT Insights benefits


    Status views for projects

    Centralized dashboards for project-level production line data. No need to jump between tools to get an overview.


    Built-in dashboards

    Built-in dashboards for management, quality, development, and operations metrics.


    Celebrate success

    First-hand evidence of project performance over time. Identify outperforming projects.


    Spot any gaps in tool usage

    Double-check that teams are using tools as they should.


    Track your DevOps transformation

    Real-time DevOps transformation and DevOps tool usage tracking for strategic insights.

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    Extendable framework

    Capture the KPIs and metrics that you need to report on with our extendable dashboard framework.

    See into your entire toolchain

    Eficode ROOT Insights has several built-in dashboards for the following types of metrics: 

    • Management
    • Quality
    • Development
    • Operations 

    It integrates with industry-standard tooling, such as Atlassian Jira, Atlassian Bitbucket, Jenkins, SonarQube, and so forth.


    An Eficode ROOT Insights management dashboard

    This management dashboard provides end-to-end visibility to project status information.

    ROOT Insights management view

    An Eficode ROOT Insights developers’ dashboard

    This development dashboard presents project specific development information.

    ROOT Insights developer view

    An Eficode ROOT Insights quality dashboard

    This quality dashboard presents project specific quality information.

    ROOT Insights quality view

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    Visibility, metrics, and the software production line: a silver bullet

    Centralized project dashboards provide an easy and intuitive way to track project progress. The information gets collected from all the relevant tools taking part in the production process - project and issue tracking, version control, CI/CD automation tools, code analysis, and testing tools.
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