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    Actionable insights

    Enable data-driven culture through advanced analytics & value stream visualization

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    Connect everyday data with business value 

    Deployment frequency. Lead time. Tasks closed. Velocity. We can help you build software development metrics connected to your organization’s mission, business goals, and daily work. 

    Improve quality, productivity, and predictability

    As experts in project management and technology, our DevOps teams can help you get more value out of your product or service lifecycle data. Convert it into actions that drive business. With the right DevOps metrics, you can improve quality, productivity, and predictability.


    Aki Roivanen

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    +358 44 7324 287

    DevOps analytics workshop

    Get an overview of your current situation and benchmark it against industry best practices. Get the most value out of your DevOps-related data. 

    Our experts can:

    • Assess your current practices and processes in analytics & reporting
    • Deep dive into best practices of DevOps metrics and reporting
    • Define targets and create a roadmap to improve your analytics capabilities.
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    Advanced analytics development project

    Creating a holistic view into your product or service lifecycle allows you to evaluate whether business needs can be met. Combine data from multiple stages of the life cycle. This drives better planning capability, process improvement, and the ability to mitigate risks before they turn into blockers.

    Our experts can:

    • Improve your data collection, handling, and visualization
    • Get a holistic view of your development and operations pipeline
    • Create and develop your analytics strategy
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    Data-to-actions advisory

    Value stream visualization is something every company should do. You can reduce waste and make improvements by diving into your product/service life cycle. 

    Our experts can:

    • Identify and visualize your value stream and related steps using data visualization tools 
    • Improve your capability to support business strategies with data-driven decision making
    • Turn your data analytics into actions.
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    Why choose Eficode 

    Value stream visualization

    Value streams can get very complex, and our DevOps experts can help you uncover the steps in your entire product or service lifecycle. This is key to measuring and improving your work.

    DevOps experts

    At Eficode, we were doing DevOps before it was a word. Over a decade later, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations across industries with their DevOps transformations.

    Technical know-how

    We can improve the technical aspects of your data collection, handling, and visualization with dashboards and self-service reporting. We have developed the Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform. Its dashboards provide end-to-end visibility of your software assembly line.

    Want to talk more about your software metrics?