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    Entrust your software to an experienced team

    Application management services


    Free your resources

    You can free precious resources to work on new projects by letting our application management team take care of your software application or system. 

    Our team works with many technologies. They proactively find problems that could result in service failures. A fast reaction is what you can expect from us when you encounter a problem, and any issue we find is solved with a tried-and-tested process.

    Extend your software life cycle

    Extend the life cycle of your software with: 

    • Further development
    • Bug fixes and improvements
    • Paying for technical debt 

    A good software development pipeline makes writing new code and production deployments cost-effective and reliable. New features can still be developed and the team can tap into Eficode’s DevOps, Design and UX specialists when needed.


    Aki Roivanen

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    +358 44 7324 287

    Our most important asset is our business platform where we sell all our offerings. With Eficode, the whole environment is now managed so that we can concentrate on serving our customers even better and growing our core business.

    Kalle Vuoristo
    CTO at Moi Mobiili

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    What we can help you with

    Application management

    Application management is a one-stop-shop for support, lifecycle management, and further development. We also offer support on the infrastructure level and can host your software in a multitude of environments. 

    Our processes are based on ITIL & Agile methods and we employ the latest DevOps tools to ensure repeatability and reliable service in everything we do.

    Application support

    Maintainability assessment

    Gain insight into the options open to you without vendor lock-in. A maintainability assessment is a cost-effective way of assessing the state of your software and coming up with an action plan. It also sheds light on how DevOps and automation can boost your business.


    • Is documentation up-to-date? 
    • Are any versions outdated?
    • Are development pipelines and practices future-proof?
    • Does the codebase follow best practices?
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    Maintainability assessment

    The Eficode method


    Crucial handover

    To maintain and further develop your software, our team organizes a handover. Sharing accesses, knowledge transfer of software and documentation, software transition and possible migrations, and building a roadmap for the future.

    DevOps approach

    If your software development pipeline is top-notch, great. If not, we can use the Eficode ROOT DevOps platform that ensures visibility and automation for effective and proactive development.

    Flexible environments

    We work with the biggest cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, but we can work with a lot of different environments too. The application can reside in the cloud, at your premises, or we can host it for you.

    Want to talk about your needs for application management?