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Deliver. Track. DevOps.

“Better software development with a single service”

Modern companies drive their organization based on reliable, real-time data collected from their end-users and their software production. Winning organizations are able to release new versions several times a day, and successfully rollback on failures.

Building such an environment is not easy. This is why Eficode is specialized in creating the DevOps culture and providing the tools to support modern software production.

Modern software development provides many tools and options for gathering reliable information to evolve your products and services. Successfully implementing such environment including test automation, continuous delivery or a DevOps platform requires a lot of work. We build a roadmap together, and then help you build the culture together with your experts.

To benefit from these possibilities you need to build automation for delivery, collect correct metrics and build integrations for tracking, and then implement meaningful analytics for driving your business in real-time.

From discovery to building, from release to the future

Traditional development where software production is managed with heavy processes is becoming obsolete. It has been replaced with models where companies build easily scalable services which focus on limited responsibilities in an agile and efficient manner – regardless of the industry the company is in.

Our DevOps services are tailor-made for your organisation, combining DevOps tools, operating methods, technologies and training. Our experienced team will support the development of standard operating methods in your organisation and the adoption of continuous deliveries. Automation and culture supporting DevOps practices, like continuous delivery with the right tools means greater control and consistency of software quality, which can be surprisingly easy and can reap major benefits.

Do you want to start using better software development methods in your organisation but you do not know how? Focus on your key operations and let our experts help you to adopt new DevOps methods together with our training. Modern companies steer their operations based on real-time, reliable, integrated data, gathered from users and from the production line. The organizations who will win the race create added value to their customers by releasing new versions of the software several times a day.

A tailored solution for your needs

Eficode DevOps service is tailored into the most suitable package for your organisation, combining DevOps tools, operating methods and training.

Through the tailored service, our experienced team will support the development of standard operating methods in your organisation and the adoption of continuous deliveries. 

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