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    Continuous Services

    Application support, monitoring, and cloud services

    We take care of your software as if it were ours.

    Leave your systems in safe hands by working with our experienced Continuous Services team. You can focus on essentials while we make sure everything runs smoothly.

    Our team takes friction away from your digital transformation by freeing your internal resources from maintenance towards building new services. Our team has decades of experience with software maintenance and further development.

    We don’t only fix any issues in real-time, but also innovate new ideas and lead your products in the right direction with the help of Eficode’s DevOps expertise. The range of technologies we currently support is wide, from Ruby on Rails and Java to React/Angular and Node.js. We also manage Cloud environments of all leading Cloud platforms. Our customers are happy and our partnerships are long-lasting. Some of our partnerships have been going strong for more than 10 years.

    Kristiina Lindholm

    Continuous Services Director

    kristiina.lindholmconsultancy@eficode.com +358 505 488 461 Message me