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Shaping interactions and experiences in the hybrid world

“We design for trust, delight, usability and performance.”

We use proven technologies to solve complex problems with a strong user-centric approach to design. We help you discover and understand your user’s true goals and grow your service business through lean, functional, delightful design.

Janne Tompuri

Design Director

janne.tompuri@eficode.com +358 (0)50 375 9473

What Are We Creating Together?

Validated Service Concept

Apply Eficode’s Digital Product Building methodology to bring together product builders and key decision makers. Build a validated service concept, a working prototype and a strategic roadmap within weeks.

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Design Audit

Are designers and developers in your organisation collaborating effectively? Are they using the tools and best practices for modern product development? A Design Audit helps you understand the the maturity of your design operations.

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Mobile app from a single codebase

Build purpose driven user experiences and frictionless interactions

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Hyper personalised Web Service

Build web services that evolve based on usage, and deliver a tailored and delightful experience based on real usage data.

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Design System / Pattern Library

Build a library of shared components, patterns and rules that designers and developers can refer to as a single source of truth.

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Design Consultancy Services

We have an end-to-end design offering portfolio: Strategic, Business, Product, Service, UX/UI, Visual and Front-End design, and full-stack development.

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Immersive Experiences for AR & VR

Extend reality using the latest technologies in mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Deliver an unmatched immersive experience.

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Dashboard for Data Visualization

Businesses today collect more data on their users than ever before. But they rarely take the time to understand it. We help you turn raw data into actionable metrics and easy to understand visuals.

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Solving problems with technology requires a diverse set of skills and mindsets. We can help build your team’s ability and confidence to solve complex problems through design thinking and a user need centric approach.

Trainings will be added here soon but in the meanwhile please check our online materials.

Guiding our customers

Our Approach

When different competences find a groove for innovation and improvise together.

Digital Product Building is a collaboration method created by Eficode to solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions for clients. The methodology doesn’t focus on the solution. It focuses on the problems and is action oriented towards creating a preferred future.

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Deep Insights from User Research

We conduct hundreds of in-depth user experience and usability evaluations every year, combined with our Service Jam methodology.

Successful Service Design needs a comprehensive understanding of the problems users face, and how.

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Bleeding edge software with the highest quality 360 web and mobile software development with support and maintenance

With Eficode’s DevOps-driven software development, you can launch software faster. Once the release process has been automated, new versions can be deployed into production several times a day.

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