New ways of thinking

From problem worth solving to business worth doing

Make your products more desirable and services more appealing to users with great service design.

Our service design process creates order out of chaos and uses only viable technologies for your business. We help our customers by creating new delightful services and by solving existing problems with user-centered methodologies. Together we grow your service business and gain understanding of customer needs.

We design the best digital experiences out there

Strategies, concepts, experiences, interfaces, processes, services and products.

We employ user-centered methodology in a customer-oriented fashion in all our projects. Guaranteed high level of customer experience, usability and accessibility.

From co-creative service and concept design all the way to building easy-to-use and impressive user interfaces, awesome graphic designs and content production. Our work can be project-oriented, or we can provide you with designers to participate in your project team.

Deepest insights are gained by research.

Our studies span from quick usability evaluations to extensive user research projects, that are accomplished with years of experience. We perform hundreds of user and usability studies every year and combine them with our Service Jam methodology.

Successful service design is based on an in-depth understanding of the clients, service interaction and context, and the surrounding market. To see how the actual users experience and use your service we perform usability testing and evaluations. As a result, we always provide concrete improvement suggestions for your service.

We regard accessibility as a design value. In order to ensure that web services can be used by everyone, including people with disabilities, we evaluate their accessibility and conduct accessibility tests.

Methodologies we master (but are not limited to) include: usability evaluation and usability test, accessibility evaluation, usability in procurement and evaluation as well as interviewing, focus groups, surveys and observation. We also coordinate and perform international studies across the globe.

Business growth through digital transformation

The only sensible way to describe digital transformation: It’s a reflection of the fact that our behaviour is constantly changing.

That’s why organizations that operate with a familiar legacy perspective of customers, processes, metrics, business model and technology are likely to fail. On the other hand, companies that pave the way on the digital business landscape and are partnering with us benefit from the co-creation nirvana of digital disruption are likely to succeed.

Our solutions are capable of outmaneuvering competition by revolutionizing the way businesses work and by re-coding your clients behaviour as humans.

Easy-to-use and impressive user interfaces

We employ agile methodology to design interfaces from early prototypes all the way to the polished and finalised product. We create an impressive and recognisable look and feel for services. Our extensive use of knowledge, design and usability, ensures a service that is supremely usable and provides a stunning user experience.

Service Jam methodology

Jamming is when different competences find a groove for innovation and improvise together.

Service Jam is a collaboration method created by Eficode to solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions for clients. The methodology doesn’t focus on the solution. It focuses on the problems and is action oriented towards creating a preferred future.

For more information, contact:

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Design Director +358 (0)50 375 9473

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