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    DevOps training

    Strengthen your DevOps capabilities and CI/CD pipelines

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    Give your team the deep understanding it needs to do DevOps successfully — with tailored training. Have them master the processes, best practices, and technological adaptation of it. We tailor the training to bridge any knowledge gaps you currently have.

    DevOps is all about getting Development with Operations to work together to build and deliver software faster, more efficiently, and securely.  But there is no universal way to implement it. You can’t simply download and install it. So besides the technological competencies, you also need to understand the logic behind CI, CD, and DevOps.For basic training, we focus on building the tools and processes. For the advanced level, we also look at your culture and collaboration.

    Key reasons to give your team this DevOps training:

    • Fundamentally understand DevOps and its benefits
    • Learn about new tools that are useful in your DevOps
    • Understand the benefits of Continuous Integration
    • Learn how to architect a pipeline for a given application


    Half-day to five-day programs


    Hands-on courses with a lot of exercises and learning material


    Architects, System Administrators, DevOps and Continuous Delivery practitioners, R&D Leaders, Project Managers.

    Time to master your CI/CD pipelines

    Let's plan your training

    I think it’s been a really good partnership because Eficode endeavors to stay on pace or even ahead with DevOps best trends. We’ve worked with different vendors but the relationship with Eficode has felt like teamwork.

    DevOps Manager and software tools expert
    Sennheiser Communication

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    Insufficient CI/CD skills could be holding your team back

    Make your business Agile

    DevOps is a cornerstone of business agility. DevOps practices drive software delivery performance — and software delivery performance drives business outcomes.

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    Build quality in

    DevOps is the most cost-effective way to build quality into your process. And CI/CD is the backbone of well-working test automation, which also greatly enhances the developer experience.


    Improve your delivery capability

    Development should never be your delivery bottleneck. The best organizations can deliver instantly. For them, development goes so smoothly, that the business can decide when software should be released. The tech side simply works.


    Enable growth

    When your development resources grow, you need DevOps capabilities to scale. And when you scale into the cloud, or even in embedded software products, you also need good CI/CD practices.

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    Modules your unique training course will be built on top of

    Together we build the ideal learning path for you and your organization's specific needs. At the very foundation, we use the below training modules. And on top of that, we build the best possible learning experience for you and the team. 

    Learn what DevOps is: the realization of the promise of Agile. This course goes through some of the technical and organizational practices that are proven to improve business outcomes.

    Learn about common challenges and misconceptions in DevOps and Agile transformations.

    Build a fundamental understanding of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. And get the necessary skills to implement them using Jenkins pipelines.

    Learn how to set up your CI pipeline using Jenkins pipelines. You will also get a thorough understanding of how your CI server can help improve your workflow and your code quality by automating approvals and tests.


    Learn how to integrate Artifactory into your pipeline, and how to keep a strict and tidy repository.

    Get hands-on experience in setting up repositories and using the REST API, CLI, and AQL. Also learn different ways to interact with Artifactory, how to maintain your repository, and how to use Artifactory in a CI setup.

    We will focus on Gradle and REST as your collaboration with Artifactory. If you are interested in any specific repository type, please tell us in advance.


    Empower your entire team with new skills

    Contact us to plan this training just for your team or organization