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    Robot Framework training

    Learn the world’s favorite automated testing tool

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    Robot Framework is the preferred automated testing tool for companies. Once learned, it is easy to use, and by using test libraries, tests can be reused and written in the same way regardless of environment. So if you train your developers on Robot Framework, the entire development organization can use the same tool for test automation. 

    We have trained over 500 companies on Robot Framework and building CI/CD pipelines with effective test automation. Our trainers will build the perfect training program for your teams to reap the full benefits of Robot Framework. 

    Key reasons to train your teams on Robot Framework

    • Create a general understanding of the most crucial concepts of test automation and Robot Framework
    • Make sure everybody uses the Robot Framework natural language syntax correctly
    • Let anybody contribute to building the test case libraries and workflows efficiently
    • Let newcomers get Robot Framework right from the start

    Prerequisites and format

    Regarless if your teams are new to Robot Framework or have used it for years, in this training they will learn what they need to succeed. 

    With hands-on workshop sessions and various modules as the foundation, we build you the perfect training experience with a healthy blend of theory and practical exercises.


    Half a day to three days, depending on the program


    A mix of theory and hands-on exercises


    Software developers, architects, DevOps and Continuous Delivery practitioners, Quality Assurance specialists

    Let your teams see amazing results from Robot Framework

    Contact us and we’ll find the perfect training plan for your organization.

    We see the benefits of the project as increased effectiveness and improved quality. These translate into a competitive edge.

    Mika Karaila
    Manager of Research Programs, Metso Automation

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    Insufficient Git skills could be holding your team back

    Build quality in

    Test automation is the most cost-effective way to build quality into your processes. Without it, there is no CI/CD. Test automation works as the backbone for all quality work in the future.


    Make development more efficient

    Computers are fast, reliable, and work 24/7. To improve efficiency, let computers handle all repetitive and error-prone tasks, and leave only the creative work to people.

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    Shift left: build quality early

    With early testing, you get a fast feedback loop. Don’t waste time on manual deployment procedures that are often complex and error-prone. Let your experts focus on making more software instead.


    Modules your unique training course will be built on top of

    We build the learning path for you and your organization's specific needs. At the very foundation, we use the below training modules. On top of that, we build the best possible learning experience for you and the team. 


    This is the solid foundation you need, not only to get started with Robot Framework, but to really understand the fundamentals and prepare you to take full advantage of test automation with Robot Framework.

    The course uses command-line tools to run test cases. Learn the best practices on tools that can be used for automated test case development. You don’t need any prior experience of command-line or Robot Framework.

    A deep-dive into the most common issues teams face when developing test cases for websites. 

    Learn how to handle XPaths, which are often required in web testing and in testing mobile applications. You will not only build test cases to test the frontend of a web application, but also use REST API to test the backend.

    The course uses exercises to help you get a better grasp of the topics.

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    A perfect introduction to start using and maintaining custom libraries, which simplify your automated test case infrastructure. 

    The course uses exercises to support library development. You need prior knowledge of the Python programming language and Robot Framework.

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    This is a workshop where you learn how to take the results from your automated testing, and getting as much value as possible from them in your CI/CD pipelines and reports in selected tools. 

    It will all happen in your environment, so you get the full benefits of quality gates and CI/CD pipelines.

    Let your teams see amazing results from Robot Framework

    Contact us to plan this training just for your team or organization