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    The DevOps Development Plan

    It’s like trial and error, but without all the error.

    A DevOps Development Plan gives you a clear view of where you are now and how you can reach your goal.

    This service assesses your level of maturity now and results in a high-level plan and roadmap, tailored to you. It is a strategic piece of work done by Eficode’s experts.

    Our DevOps Development Plan service


    When is a DevOps Development Plan needed?

    Simply put: when you want to get from A to B in the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way possible.

    Motivations can vary greatly. From large manufacturers needing to stay ahead of the competition, to two companies navigating a cross-industry partnership, to startups seeking investment.


    How does it benefit you?

    A DevOps Development Plan encourages systematic work towards more automation and less manual repetition.

    • You get a list of prioritized actions which carve the path for you to get to where you want to be
    • It motivates teams to take on modern practices
    • Avoids duplicating work across the organization
    • You understand how advanced your current development practices are compared to state-of-the-art DevOps practices
    • You fully harness automation: get more done with less resources
    • You avoid (expensive) trial and error
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    Why Eficode?

    Eficode has pioneered this format and helped hundreds of companies move from A to B on their DevOps journey.

    Our DevOps Development Plan work has spanned across continents and industries.

    As the leading DevOps house in the Nordics, we have a large team of specialists who understand the specific needs of your industry because we have seen it before. They work together to solve even the most difficult issues.

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    How do we do it?

    Our DevOps Development Plans don’t take up much of your team’s time. The process consists of:

    • A kick off meeting
    • In-depth interviews
    • Analysis
    • A final report presentation

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