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    IoT and embedded device test automation

    Manual testing may seem inevitable, but it not always is.

    Facts are facts: when it comes to hardware, some manner of manual testing and prototyping is inevitable.

    Unfortunately, this has led some to close their eyes on the vast opportunity of test automation in this field.

    Automate the simple things so that they don’t require manual testing anymore. This is common sense.

    IoT and embedded device test automation services


    When is IoT and embedded device test automation needed?

    If your product is a physical object and your device communicates with the outside world.

    If your hardware does not work standalone.

    If you have more than one person working on your software.


    How does test automation benefit IoT and embedded devices?

    Hike up quality

    Users, well, they can spot glitches.

    Cut back costs

    Test automation washes its own face for the first project and brings gains in every project that follows.

    Trends and diagnosis

    Test automation of hardware provides data with less effort if you’ve set up the correct tools in the right order. We’re talking data on frequency, consistency of tests/test results, and the automated recording of results.

    Save tons of time

    Different environments can be tested in one go and you can do this in both fast bursts of smoke tests, as well as long stability testing sessions.

    Lock up security

    (IoT) devices are left more reliable and more secure, if you’re running security tests.

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    Why Eficode?

    Test automation is our strong suit. At Eficode we have automated the testing for:

    • elevators
    • medical products
    • the automotive industry
    • factory automation.

    Our IoT and embedded device test automation team has lengthy contracts with global household names.

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    How do we do it?

    Client by client we are proving that test automation has a lot to contribute to embedded devices and IoT.

    Big-data analysis comes from looking at tests that have been running day and night for weeks, thereby showing progress and instabilities.

    This is not rocket science, but the potential to increase the speed and quality of your software development is astronomical.

    In practice, this means applying test automation frameworks like Robot Framework and developing custom libraries and tests that can be automated based on existing manual tests.

    Other techniques include connecting hardware environments to mocked environments, using fakes to conduct further tests, and the automated flashing of devices with new software.

    Thereby using software to ensure nothing is blocking you from getting the full value out of your hardware.

    Embedded device test automation with Alice 

    Setting up test automation for embedded devices has its unique challenges. This podcast provides food for thought on test automation for embedded devices. Have a listen! 

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