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DevOps Services

RPA: Robotic Process Automation

“Let the robots do it.”

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the practice of translating human tasks into self-contained software applications that complete the task for you. RPA is also known as intelligent automation or smart automation.

RPA services


When is a RPA needed?

When you wish to automate a back office or other administrative process.

When a task involves different systems and tacit knowledge. RPA can codify this knowledge for your organization.

When developing a new feature for your ICT systems is too costly.


How does it benefit you?

It is easy to implement and cost-effective.

It allows you to save on the cost and effort of developing a new feature in your system.

It allows you to see through ICT evolution at a reduced cost.

It increases job satisfaction by cutting down repetitive work.

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Why Eficode?

We’re the leading DevOps consultancy in the Nordics and our track record is built on a bedrock of automation expertise.

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How do we do it? 

Eficode’s RPA services are tailored to your needs and the resources that you have available to you.

They include training, troubleshooting, a fully-outsourced execution of an RPA solution, or any manner of service in between.



We prove the concrete benefits of Robot Framework against your domain.

Expert resourcing

We help with putting automation into place in your company, implementing custom libraries and tackling hard to automate problems.


We take care of all automation of business processes from start to maintenance


We provide practical hands on training that can be customized to your needs.

Typically, your RPA journey will begin with our kickstart program

  1. We hold a workshop to identify your needs and how to get where you want to be.
  2. We research and advise on which technology to choose by building the automation you need. This is a small application that does one specific task. We also set up an orchestration solution that runs the automation, either based on a schedule or an event trigger.
  3. We present this technical solution to you, teach the foundations of RPA, and provide a roadmap tailored specifically for you.

What is the difference between RPA and AI?

RPA translates a task performed by humans into a task performed by machines. Strictly speaking, RPA isn’t artificial intelligence as AI in the true sense of the term is more complex than automating one task alone.

In order to make use of AI, you have to have mastered automation first. This is what RPA is.

Blogs about RPA

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