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    Security and compliance

    DevOps makes security a mindset and protects your most important assets with greater visibility.

    Companies that know their priorities know one thing about security. You should strive for sufficient information security, not perfect information security.

    Investing in security should be a daily hat trick where security, compliance, and quality are upheld by an alliance of culture and automation.

    Security and compliance services


    When are our security and compliance services needed?

    You want to build security into your software production line in order to protect your most important assets.

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    What does a secure pipeline look like?

    • Automatization of information security
    • No unknown dependencies
    • Audited (What you don’t log doesn’t exist)
    • All 3rd parties verified
    • Zero-trust architecture (Never trust a component due it’s ‘internal network’)
    • Security vulnerability databases update automatically
    • Every service audits and authenticates every user (Triple-A : authenticate, authorize (privileges), audit)
    • Make it as code (Infrastructure as code, great for auditing and versioning) 
    • Peer review (Mitigates personnel risk)
    • No weakness in the process (If the lock is manmade, a person can open it too)

    How does it benefit you

    You not only reduce risk, but your systems are up more often. Less danger of shortages. Less bugs. Static application testing.

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    Why Eficode?

    As the leading DevOps house in the Nordics, Eficode works with companies to secure their software from the ground up.

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    How do we do it?


    We embed security into your company’s software production line using automation.


    A complete suite of technical and soft skills training for enhanced cyber resilience

    Fault testing

    Faults are injected into the code and components, revealing less robust parts that might cause serious outages due imperfect error-handling.

    Bug bounties

    Bug bounties are modern way to let security professionals work for a ‘finders fee’. Not only does this tactic work, but it improves your security posture as well as your brand image as a security conscious company.

    Read our Finnish-language SecOps guide 

    Many processes related to data security and maintenance are repetitive. It's time to automate them using modern tools and methods.

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    What will you learn in this webinar?

    1. How to secure your DevOps practices (including a continuous development pipeline in the IT environment)
    2. How to meet the needs of different stakeholders
    3. How to combine agility, structure, and high security in your software development
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