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    IT business consultancy services

    Boost your business - make your people, processes and technologies flow


    The world is moving fast - make sure your business keeps up

    In a changing world being agile gives you many advantages and makes you more competitive. But to achieve that, your business needs to find a balanced approach to culture, ways of working and technology. Your technology should support your processes and people - not the other way around.

    Eficode helps your IT business succeed

    Our experienced IT business consultants will help you improve your ways of working and how you deliver high-value IT services in every area. Because they understand how your culture has to change and what motivates your people. They will help you understand the current situation, how you can improve and execute.

    Let's find out what your business needs - and improve it together


    Make your people succeed

    We will build in best practices and coach your teams to understand your processes, goals and methods, in order to succeed.


    Make your processes work

    Our experienced ITIL and ITSM experts will help you adapt and design efficient processes based on your needs.


    Get all your technology right

    By understanding your situation and business goals, we will analyze, advise, teach, or even manage your technology products.


    Scale in an agile way

    We will get the most out of agile in both IT and business development, so your entire business can move with speed and purpose.

    Our experts cover your needs - from organization structure to a detailed process

    Process mapping and implementation

    Remove inefficiencies and make sure your processes carry you towards your business goals. Our ITIL and ITSM experts help you analyze, improve and implement your processes.

    • Full analysis and map of your current processes
    • Complete overview of your IT business and the value you create
    • Assessment of where you are and how to get to where you want to be in 1-5 years
    • Roadmap to build on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses
    • Complete gap analysis of your business
    • Governance recommendations based on your core business values
    • Creation of your processes
    • Implementation and establishment of your processes

    Technology review and implementation

    Reach full potential within your IT systems. Our experienced Atlassian and DevOps experts will review your technology.

    • Health checks on your technology
    • Review of your system architecture
    • Integration of your systems
    • Management of accesses and your user directory

    Team coaching

    Rest assured that your people understand their environments and technologies. With experience and insight from other companies, and deep knowledge of best practices, we will coach your team in:

    • Effective teamwork
    • Stakeholder cooperation
    • Understanding your customers
    • Being Agile
    • Motivation and reaching goals
    • Time management

    Train your team in the areas where you are the least Agile


    Agile change management

    Make your teams more disciplined and Agile. We coach teams and project leaders to create an organization that meets your business goals.

    • Create value faster and more efficiently
    • Develop and implement Agile based on your organization’s needs
    • Shorten lead time from idea to minimum viable product
    • Set the right conditions for success, through strategic planning

    We are always open to discuss business improvements

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