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    Product leadership training

    Upskill your product leaders to build a winning product organization

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    If your products don’t succeed, your organization has nothing. So having well-trained and skilled senior product leaders is crucial. Because they are the ones that make sure you build the right products and build them the right way. 

    While their job titles vary, the heavy burden they carry does not. Like every organization you would be wise to invest in them to make sure they have what they need to succeed. 

    With this laser-targeted training program, your team gets the skills and tools to ensure your product organization has all the right building blocks to thrive: 

    • A well-networked product team

    • Processes and practices that improve teamwork and puts the focus on value creation

    • A collaborative product culture

    • Customer-centricity and market understanding

    • Continuous experimentation and learning

    Training format 

    This training program is built on modules that each cover a crucial skillset a product leader needs, and that are each trained by a seasoned domain expert. Modular trainings are optimal in the modern workplace. A combination of self-study, interactive learning, remote sessions, classroom learning, exercises, and an opportunity to put the skills learned into practice quickly. It beats a traditional full-day classroom training every time. And your participants can pick and choose the very modules they need.

    Key reasons to give your product leadership this training:

    • Ensure all your product leaders have all the essential product leadership competencies  
    • Enhance your organizational collaboration and understanding by moving beyond the traditional Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Product Manager training
    • Transform into a fully Agile organization — rather than stopping at individual Agile teams — by creating a broader Agile understanding 
    • Give your employees a chance to continue to grow and love their work even more, regardless of their product leader role or career stage 


    Tailored to your team’s specific needs. From one-month to six-month training programs.


    A combination of self-study, interactive learning, remote sessions, classroom learning, and exercises.


    Product Leaders, including Product Manager, Product Owner, R&D Leaders, Business Owners, and other key members of your product organization.

    Let’s enhance your organization’s product leadership competencies across the board

    Contact us and we’ll find the perfect product leadership training plan for your team.

    The training was very well received by everybody who attended. So it also gave our employees a motivational boost.

    Perttu Nihti
    Chief Product Officer, Basware

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    Improve every aspect of product leadership

    Think product better

    Ensure that your product continuously evolves to succeed. And scale up and adapt  faster to market changes.

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    Offer the right products to your customers

    Understand better how your products can meet customers' needs. And ensure that there is a better product-market fit when the customers and market change.

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    Improve collaboration

    Since collaboration is the key to product success, let’s build an understanding of critical product competencies in the different roles around the company. 

    SAFe spots

    Let your people grow

    Create a path for key employees to grow to be valued, skilled professionals in their area. And ensure your employees remain satisfied, with continuous development opportunities

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    Training modules


    Learn the dynamics of a mature product organization - and how to manage one. Explore the different measures, decision criteria, and management methods you need for your product and project portfolios, and to manage new business opportunities.

    Leading one product is easy. But when there are several products/services, with even more on the horizon, then how do you decide where to focus and invest?

    If your business wants to scale up, and if you want to contribute to that, you must understand and manage portfolios effectively.

    Innovation is not just ideation. You also need to understand new market opportunities, test new ideas, and continuously evaluate their success.

    A market opportunity always involves uncertainties and assumptions. You have to test, experiment, and continuously learn, to find the right opportunities.

    In this module you learn important concepts such as lean business cases, lean startups, business experimenting, and service design. You will be able to effectively analyze market opportunities inside any organization.

    Data drives business success, but only once you generate insight from it, and then act on that insight. 

    Learn to use product dashboards and data in different ways while creating products. We’ll go through all data the product and the product team needs, and how to turn it into information and insight you can confidently base product decisions on.

    It is not enough to build a great product. You must also beat your competitors at getting the products in your customers’ hands and capture part of the value it brings your customers.

    Learn the essential skills for outbound product management: positioning, understanding buyers, pricing, and supporting sales.

    To create winning products, you need to understand both your customer and design, from technology to the customer experience. 

    In this module you will learn: 

    • how the customer experience and UI design connects with product planning, and to solve those effectively. 
    • requirements management from a broad perspective and see how well-done requirements can positively affect business success.
    • about product vision and how it affects your organization’s target architecture. 

    To create successful products, you need well-thought-out processes and careful planning. This module will give you the tools to improve products in different environments.

    All products and their features must solve a need or problem. They must produce value, be usable, and be possible to implement. So you need to understand what the people using them need and can do. 

    Learn to understand different user and buyer personas. What do they need, what do they currently do, what do they love and hate, and most importantly: what are the problems or needs they are trying to solve with your product?

    You will also learn effective techniques to gather data from, and create information about, users.

    The backlog is your Agile plan, so if you are a Product Owner, Scrum Master, or Product Manager, you need to know how to manage it well. 

    In this module, you will learn the skills to keep a healthy backlog:

    • How to organize it
    • Managing what gets added to it
    • Communication around it with all stakeholders
    • Making it the right size to keep your team productive
    • Not overwhelmed Prioritizing items and requests from customers and other stakeholders

    For a product to be successful, many different roles must collaborate and work toward the same goal. 

    In this module you will learn to achieve this through the Product crew-approach. 

    With this approach, you don't force the same way of working on all teams, but rather assume that each team has their own efficient model. So instead you ensure that all product-related teams understand the other teams’ ways of working, and that they continuously cooperate and communicate. 

    Every employee will understand the big picture and be a productive member of the greater, virtual, product team.

    As a product leader, to expect agility in your organization, you need to understand the fundamentals of Agile, and establish well-working Agile practices. 

    In this module, you will learn the Agile roles, terminology, and key principles. Through examples and exercises, you will understand new concepts and what you need to improve. Ways of working, blueprints, and practices that have proven themselves consistently over the years.

    Empower your entire team with new skills

    Contact us to plan this training just for your team or organization