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    User research

    Better user experience through research

    A tester and two designers are working on a large blue digital interface with diagrams and text

    Stay ahead of your competitors and customers' needs with research

    A pleasant user experience is a prerequisite for service success. Good usability in turn facilitates the smooth and efficient use of products and systems. A user and customer study gives you valuable information about the expectations, objectives and needs of customers and users. This understanding is particularly necessary when you are developing a new service or your existing service requires significant renewal. 

    Ensure the usability of your service and make better decisions

    Base your development decisions on evidence. We offer extensive research services for all needs. As Finland’s leading user research provider, we test all kinds of digital services, applications, devices and systems. Our team has solid experience in both consumer services and systems, devices and products intended for professional use.

    Jussi Rämänen

    Team Lead, UX Research & Accessibility

    +358 50 326 9055

    Our user research services


    From individual projects to research as a service

    As required, we can offer long-term, continuous research service and consultation or help with individual projects.

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    Usability testing

    In usability testing, a real user of the service tests your product or service. You receive valuable information and understanding on the users of your service.


    Usability evaluation

    The heuristic evaluation carried out by our experienced usability specialist is a fast and cost-effective way of improving service usability.

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    Customer data and customer insight

    In development, focus on things that produce genuine customer value. Get valuable information about user activities, objectives, needs and use cases.


    Focus group studies

    Focus groups, i.e., group interviews or discussions, are an excellent way of engaging different customer groups and gathering feedback on products and services as well as information about users and their needs.

    UX research, customer insight and accessibility 04 SKangas 22062020

    Co-design workshops

    We implement effective co-design workshops, both face-to-face and remotely. We can help you engage your customers to develop services through co-design, all the way to finished user interfaces.


    Customer surveys and customer satisfaction studies

    A survey is a fast and cost-effective way of gaining quantitative information about customers and service users. We provide tailor-made surveys to meet your needs.


    Usability in procurement

    Take accessibility into account as a quality element in the tendering stage of a system or service. Typically, we take part in the preparation of tender materials and in usability assessment after the bids have been made.



    Ensure the competence of your team! We train both groups and individuals on the themes of user research. Read more

    Working with Eficode has helped us stay focused on user-centricity and kept our processes clear. We have managed to ensure the high usability of our products this way.

    Kim Bergman
    UX Design Manager at KONE

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    We are professionals in user research

    User research specialists

    Eficode offers Finland’s largest and most experienced team of user research and accessibility specialists who come from diverse backgrounds and are highly trained professionals in human sciences and engineering.

    Diverse methodological competence

    Research can be used to validate concepts, understand diverse user and customer groups, prioritize user needs, create user personas and customer profiles, and model customer journeys, amongst other purposes. We implement individual and group interviews with professionalism and observe customers in genuine use situations and environments.

    Strong knowledge of usability testing

    We carry out over 150 research projects with real end users each year.

    Turnkey research services

    We can take care of the entire research process on your behalf. We plan the tests and recruit required participants. We carry out the testing either at our user research facilities in Helsinki, remotely or in the field and analyze and report the findings.

    Let's talk about how to make your service user-friendly.