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    Atlassian for teams services

    Enhance your Atlassian way of working

    Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Hero

    Keep your teams on the right track

    It is easy to set up tools in ways that don’t serve your teams' best interests, no matter how easy the tools such as Jira and Confluence are. As an award-winning Atlassian partner, we ensure that your tools are configured and used the way that serves your teams and organization the best.

    Let your teams focus on their own work

    Your teams should not spend their time optimizing their Atlassian setup since they have better things to do. They can optimize their own work, but an external consultant who has seen good and bad practices from dozens of different teams, can do it more efficiently.

    Read on and find out how our experts bring it all.


    Aki Roivanen

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    +358 44 7324 287

    Concentrate on your business outcome - not the tools


    Use the right tools, the right way

    Your tools should serve you, not the other way around. We ensure you choose the right tools, and use them the right way.


    Harmonize your team

    Avoid the chaos that usually comes when each team member brings their own habits and experiences. We help bring everybody on the same page.


    Let your team focus on what they do best

    We know Agile transformations and Atlassian deployments, so you don’t need to let those things distract you from your core work.

    The project activities contribute to the overall efficiency of the staff, and customer satisfaction has increased considerably.

    Markus Laurio
    CEO, Paytrail

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    Improve every aspect of your teams’ Atlassian tools

    Assess your Atlassian toolset

    We will assess your existing situation and make recommendations in areas such as backlog management, Agile practices, collaboration and documentation, and on scaling up.

    Hands-on solutions to your problems

    With previously identified challenges, in a workshop we deep-dive into your business and develop an optimal model for your way of working And then we find the right tooling to support that.

    The Atlassian coaching and training you need

    Your teams will need to adopt best practices and new approaches. Our seasoned experts provide hands-on coaching and specialized training courses that make your team confident and successful users of Atlassian tools.

    How can we help your teams get the most out of Atlassian solutions? Let's find out.

    Trusted and rewarded by Atlassian and clients alike

    A 7-time Atlassian Partner of the Year winner in various categories, Eficode remains a trusted and preferred advisor. We lead the way in Agile and DevOps with an obsession about knowledge-sharing, focused talent acquisition, and expanding our and our clients' horizons. We stand out in many ways. 

    7 time Atlassian Partner of the year winner -1-2