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    Enjoy your Atlassian environment with peace of mind and full control

    Atlassian Licensing

    Atlassian License Hero

    Some people live and breathe Atlassian licenses so you don’t have to  

    Having managed licenses for happy clients for more than 15 years, we will help you get the maximum value out of every single Atlassian license. Both now, and as your business changes in the future, you can rely on our guidance.

    Never worry about license inefficiencies again

    Managing Atlassian licenses can be a science in itself. With continuous expert advice from a dedicated license management specialist, you can be confident that your organization doesn't waste time or money on license inefficiencies.


    Aki Roivanen

    Email Aki

    +358 44 7324 287

    License management for 1,000+ customers

    They’ve tailored invoices to make sure we kept costs down before any foreseen price hikes by Atlassian. This effort meant that we could spend more on science, and less on Jira licensing.

    Staffan Ohlsson
    Support Engineer, ESRF, France


    Why choose us for licensing solutions:

    Confidence and peace of mind

    - A dedicated license specialist

    - Recommendations and guidance

    - Transparency within the process

    - Deep technical expertise

    Smooth and customizable license payments

    - Invoice payment - no credit card needed

    - Simple renewals

    - Reminders in due time before license renewal

    - Extended support from our dedicated license team

    Easy transition without interruptions

    Already bought your licenses from Atlassian? No worries! We can take it from here.

    You don’t need to sign any separate license agreement. Just let us know and we will handle it for you.

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