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    Atlassian Total Support

    Total, hassle-free support for all your Atlassian tools

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    Has supporting Atlassian apps become a hobby?

    We understand the pain of trying to do a day job while managing Atlassian apps as a side activity.

    As the Atlassian ecosystem expands in complexity and scope, it takes an increasing amount of time and energy to keep on top of new technologies. It’s hard to upskill your team, maintain internal requests for help, integrate applications, and manage user behaviors. Hiring people to help can be a headache, and onboarding can be time-consuming.

    With Total Support, you get peace of mind. We administer and manage the tools, coach, mentor, train, and offer you the technical consultancy to enjoy Atlassian fully and without downside.


    Aki Roivanen

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    +358 44 7324 287

    Total Support explained


    Productivity benefits


    Reliability without overhead

    No need to hire resources. Let Eficode manage your Atlassian suite in a flexible, full-stack service wrap.


    Dealing with any emergency

    Recover from disasters quickly with critical cover, so that your teams don’t feel the pressure.


    Fewer tickets

    Reduce the number of internal Atlassian incidents and requests through mentoring, education, and service.


    Unburden your teams

    Take the burden of managing your Atlassian apps away, so your team can focus on important projects.


    Enjoy the benefits without the cost

    The unique and flexible subscription model of Total Support is 80% cheaper than hiring resources and typically costs 10% of a managed service.


    Streamline processes

    Knowing that you can escalate support issues quickly allows for a streamlined channel to get you the help you need.

    Plans and features

    *Subject to Fair Usage

    Frequently asked questions

    Total Support provides an outsourced team of trusted Atlassian experts to help you manage the full Atlassian stack. Access our experts with ease via the Total Support service desk, then sit back and wait for the cavalry to arrive.

    Total Support is a flexible, full-stack service wrap. It includes administration and toolset management, coaching, mentoring, training services, and technical consultants.

    Yes.  All Atlassian tools are covered – Cloud, Server, and Data Center platforms. Any combination, any configuration. If you have Atlassian tools, you can benefit from Total Support.

    It’s a convenient way of gaining expert knowledge across a range of Atlassian challenges. You get exactly the help you need when you need it. Save time by avoiding drawn-out procurement processes and save money not having to hire expensive resources.

    Total Support works best as an extension of existing IT/Service Desk teams that require an expert in the Atlassian suite. Book a call to check suitability.

    Total Cost of Ownership


    Total Support ImagesGraph


    *Overhead costs based on industry typical salary increase, sickness/absence, rehire, training/onboarding, recruitment fees, background checks.

    Let’s talk about Atlassian support. Focus on your role, we’ll take care of your tools.