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    Get more out of GitLab by doing less.

    GitLab as a managed service.

    GitLab Managed Services Hero

    A unique DevOps platform delivered as a service

    We manage your GitLab through our Eficode ROOT managed DevOps platform, designed to meet all your enterprise requirements. Including 24/7 support, ISO 27001 compliance, and a selection of hosting options.

    Full security and flexibility - without the extra work

    Staying secure and up-to-date, with the latest GitLab features available, requires serious time and expertise. Having that level of dedication for a single tool in your toolchain is not efficient in the long run. So why not let our experts handle GitLab as a managed service, and your team’s focus can remain in developing great software without the need to hire additional resource.

    Get more out of GitLab than you thought possible


    Full GitLab support wherever it is hosted

    No matter where we host it for you, you will get the most out of your instance. And whether Windows, macOS or Kubernetes, we will manage the runners, too


    Always have the right GitLab licenses

    GitLab Free, Premium, or Ultimate — we select and optimize GitLab licenses for you, ensuring you have the access to the right features for the right price.


    Expert consultation from a GitLab Select Partner

    Get expert support with licenses, training, assessments, and other services — from the basics to the complex.

    A broad range of services making your GitLab life easier

    Keep your team happy and focused on core work

    Don’t trade valuable development time for GitLab admin and maintenance, let us take care of the hard work for you. We can also fully host your GitLab the way you like it and handle runners and any other maintenance work.

    Easy GitLab Proof of Concept

    Before switching to GitLab, test it on real projects. Start small and validate the tool before cranking up your deployment across the company. We provide a full Proof of Concept.


    Certified GitLab consultants

    Draw the DevOps roadmap towards your business goals — with an expert partner by your side for the journey.

    Find out how we can help you to squeeze every drop out of GitLab

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